GRE vocab

  1. endemic
    blonging to a particular area, inherent
  2. encomium
    warm praise
  3. emollient
    having soothing qualities, esp. for skin
  4. emend
    to correct a text
  5. egregious
    conspicuously bad
  6. effulgent
    brilliantly shining
  7. effluvia
    outpouring of gases or vapors
  8. ebullient
    exhilarated, full of enthusiasm and high spirits
  9. dyspeptic
    suffering from indigestion; gloomy and irritable
  10. droll
    amusing a wry, subtle way
  11. doughty
  12. dolor
  13. doctrinaire
    rigidly devoted to theories
  14. diurnal
  15. dither
    to move or act confusedly or without clear purpose
  16. distaff
    the female branch of a family
  17. discomfit
    to cause perplexity and embarrassment
  18. diminutive
  19. diluvial
    relating to a flood
  20. didactic
    excessively instructive
  21. dictum
    authoritative statemnet; popular saying
  22. diaphonous
    allowing light to shine through; delicate
  23. descry
    to discover or reveal
  24. denigrate
    to slur or blacken someone's reputation
  25. demagogue
    leader or rabble-rouser who usually appeals to emotion or prejudice
  26. deluge
  27. deleterious
    harmful, destructive, detrimental
  28. declivity
    downward slope
  29. curmudgeon
    cranky person
  30. coven
    group of witches
  31. coterie
    small group of persons with a similar purpose
  32. cosset
    to pamper, treat with great care
  33. corrugate
    to mold in a shape with parallel grooves and ridges
  34. corpulence
    obesity, fatness, bulkiness
  35. contumacious
  36. contentious
    quarrelsome, disagreeable, belligerent
  37. consanguineous
    of the same origin; related by blood
  38. congenial
    similar in tastes and habits
  39. conflagration
    big, destructive fire
  40. conciliatory
    overcoming distrust or hostility
  41. compunctious
    feeling guilty or having misgivings
  42. commodious
    roomy, spacious
  43. comeliness
    physical grace and beauty
  44. cognomen
    family name; any name, especially a nickname
  45. coffer
    strongbox, large chest for money
  46. coalesce
    to grow together; cause to unite as one
  47. cistern
    tank for rainwater
  48. churlish
  49. choleric
    easily angered, short-tempered
  50. chimerical
    fanciful, imaginary, visionary; impossible
  51. chattel
    piece of personal property
  52. charlatan
    quack, fake
  53. chagrin
    shame, embarrassment, humiliation
  54. cavalcade
    a procession
  55. carom
    to strike and rebound
  56. canard
    a lie
  57. calumny
    false and malicious accusation, misrepresentation, slander
  58. calamitous
  59. cajole
    to flatter, coax, persuade
  60. bulwark
    defense wall; anything serving as defense
  61. bonhomie
    good-natured geniality; atmosphere of good cheer
  62. bilious
    easily irritated, relating to bile
  63. bifurcate
    divide into two parts
  64. benison
  65. belie
    to misrepresent; expose as false
  66. behemoth
    huge creature
  67. beatific
    saintly, angelic
  68. balk
    to refuse, shirk; prevent
  69. bacchanalian
    drunkenly festive
  70. assiduous
    diligent, persistent, hardworking
  71. arboreal
    relating to trees; living in trees
  72. apotheosis
    deification; glorified ideal
  73. apothegm
    a short, instructive saying
  74. apostate
    one who renounces a religious faith
  75. aplomb
    poise, confidence
  76. anthropomorphic
    attributing human qualities to nonhumans; having human qualities
  77. antediluvian
    prehistoric, ancient beyond measure; coming before the biblical flood
  78. ancillary
    accessory, subordinate; helping
  79. amortize
    to diminish by installment payments
  80. ambulatory
    itinerant; walking around
  81. altruism
    unselfish concern for others' welfare
  82. aerie
    nook or nest built high in the air
  83. adumbrate
    to sketch, outline in a shadowy way
  84. adroit
    skillful, accomplished, highly competent
  85. acquiesce
    to agree or comply in silence
  86. acme
    highest point, summit
  87. acerbic
    bitter, sharp in taste or temper
  88. abut
    to touch, to be in contact with
  89. abstruse
    difficult to comprehend
  90. abstemious
    consuming moderately
  91. abrogate
    to abolish or invalidate by authority
  92. abnegate
    to deny, renounce
  93. ablution
    act of cleansing
  94. abjure
    to reject, abandon formally
  95. abdicate
    to give up a position, right, or power
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