Vocabulary Words

  1. Crest
    -n- a tuft or ridge on top of the head of a bird or other animal                 a plume used as a decoration on the top of a helmet                       a device placed above the shield on a coat of arms or its representation            the top, as of a hill or wave; the highest or culminating point; the peak, summit or ridge                                                                       -v- to reach a crest or highest point
  2. Versatile
    -adj- competent in many things; capable of motion in any direction
  3. Renege-
    v- fail to carry out a promise or commitment (followed by on)
  4. Cessation
    -n- a ceasing; a stop; the act of discontinuing motion or action of any negative kind, whether temporary or final; an armistice or truce agreed by the commanders of armies
  5. Incantation-
    n- the chanting of magical words or a formula in casting a spell or performing magic
  6. Acrid
    -adj- sharp, bitter, tart, pungent; sharp or biting to the taste stinging, sharp, bitter, or caustic of temper, speech, etc.
  7. Acrimonious
    -adj- bitterly sharp, biting, or rancorous in relations with another
  8. Acrimony
    -n- bitter and sharp animosity, esp. exhibited in speech or behavior
  9. Ensconce
    -v- to cover or shelter; to protect; to hide  to place comfortably, snugly or securely
  10. Precocious
    -adj- developed earlier than usual, as a child’s mentality                                    showing premature development
  11. Ubiquitous-
    adj- present or seeming to be present, everywhere at the same time; omnipresent
  12. Poignant-
    adj- sharply painful to the feelings; deeply moving, heartfelt
  13. Pretense
    -n- the act of pretending; a false appearance or action intended to deceive; a professed but feigned reason or excuse, a pretext (under false pretenses); a right asserted with or without foundation; a claim
  14. Prentious
    -adj- making claims, explicit or implicit, to some, distinction, importance, dignity, or excellence; showy, ostentatious
  15. Pretentiousness
    n- a false assumption of excellence
  16. Opulence
    -n- wealth, riches, abundance (refers to things, not people)
  17. Opulent
    -adj- wealthy, rich, affluent; having a large estate or property
  18. Eschew
    -v- to avoid; to shun; to stay away from
  19. Pomp
    -n- a stately or brilliant display; splendor; magnificence; pageantry
  20. Pompous
    -adj- having or exhibiting marked self-importance; ostentatious, boastful, arrogant, haughty
  21. Precarious
    -adj- liable to be lost or changed at the pleasure of another                         dependent upon circumstances; uncertain; insecure; risky, dangerous, doubtful
  22. Tenuous-
    adj- physically thin, slender or fine (as in an object) insubstantial, slight, flimsy (as in a condition, plot, etc.)
  23. Sanguine
    -adj- of the color of blood, ruddy                                                           cheerful, confident, optimistic, hopeful, animated, lively
  24. Skirmish-
    n- a brief fight or encounter carried on between small groups                   usually part of a battle or war; a slight conflict; a contention
  25. Contend-
    v- to strive in opposition or combat; to fight, struggle, dispute                       to compete; vie
  26. Contention
    -n- verbal strife; argument; controversy; dispute; quarrel                           alteration; dissension, feud, discord
  27. Contentiousness
    adj- argumentative; quarrelsome; controversial
  28. Amenity
    -n- pleasantness or attractiveness; a desirable feature of a place, climate, etc. p. courteous, acts, civilities
  29. Palpable-
    adj- that which can be touched, felt, or handled; tangible; easily perceived by the senses; clear to the mind; obvious, evident
  30. Exuberance
    -n- a great abundance; an overflowing quantity; richness, plenty                     actions or speech showing high spirits
  31. Exuberant
    -adj- growing profusely; luxuriant; prolific; superabundant                                   overflowing with good health and spirits; said of a person
  32. Prolific
    -adj- very productive or fruitful; fertile, fecund
  33. Deviate
    -v- to turn away or wander from the common or right way or course             to divulge; to digress
  34. Deviant
    -adj- abnormal by society’s accepted standards; divergent
  35. Deviation
    -n- an abnormality; a departure; a divergence; a difference
  36. Differentiate
    -v- to make unlike; to distinguish between (with from or between)
  37. Placate-
    v- to calm, soothe, or appease, especially by offering to “be nice” or to do someone a favor
  38. Implacable
    -adj- that which cannot be appeased or pacified; relentless    inexorable
  39. Facetious
    -adj- highly joking; esp. at any inappropriate time; witty; jocular
  40. Culpable-
    adj- blameworthy; deserving censure; as the person who has done wrong; guilty or at fault for a crime
  41. Sate
    -v- to satiate; to gratify with more than enough or so as to weary or disgust; to glut; to satisfy (an appetite, desire, etc.) to the full
  42. Insatiable
    -adj- incapable of being satisfied or appeased             very greedy; voracious; ravenous; rapacious
  43. Succulent
    -adj- full of juice; juicy
  44. Coquette
    -n- a vain female who endeavors to attract amorous advances and rejects them when offered; a flirt
  45. Pragmatic-
    adj- practical, not idealistic; sensible
  46. Exemplify
    -v- to illustrate by example; to serve as an example; to typify
  47. Exemplary-
    adj-adj- serving as an example of; commendable, audible, praiseworthy
  48. Caprice
    -n- a sudden change of opinion or humor; a whim or particular fancy
  49. Capricious
    -adj- fickle; whimsical; fanciful; changeable; unsteady (temper)
  50. Tenet
    -n- a major belief, principle, or doctrine of a group
  51. Tenable
    -adj- capable of being held, maintained, or defended, as against an attack (a position or argument) or attempts to take it (a fortress)
  52. Untenable
    -adj- indefensible; unable to be occupied (by a tenant)
  53. Periphery
    -n- the surrounding space or area; environs; a perimeter
  54. Peripheral-
    adj- around the edge or periphery                                                   auxiliary; or minor; not central, importance
  55. Gregarious
    -adj- fond of the company of others; sociable; convivial
  56. Steadfast
    -adj- not apt to change; steady, faithful, loyal
  57. Fastidious-
    adj- extremely careful, particularly in regard to small details fussy, meticulous
  58. Potent
    -adj- strong; powerful; effective; influential (an argument, a remedy)
  59. Potentate
    -n- ruler; a monarch     potency-n- strength; power
  60. Impotent
    -adj- lacking effectiveness; weak; lacking strength
  61. Omnipotent
    -adj- all-powerful; almighty
  62. Protract-
    v- to draw out or lengthen in time; to continue; to prolong
  63. Miniscule-
    adj-very small; tiny; minute
  64. Zany-
    adj- wacky, absurd, ludicrous, clownish, buffoonish, bizarre
  65. Capitulate
    -v- to give in; yield; surrender; acquiesce              capitulation-n-
  66. Stagnate
    -v- to cease to flow; to be motionless; to become dull or inactive
  67. Stagnant-
    adj- unmoving or not flowing (water); stale or foul (air); inactive                    lacking vitality or briskness; dull or sluggish (a stagnant mind)
  68. Urbane
    -adj- smooth and sophisticated (often said of men); suave
  69. Stigma
    -n- a mark of disgrace or reproach; something that detracts from the character or reputation of a person, group, etc.
  70. Stigmatize-
    v- to brand; to characterize or mark as disgraceful
  71. Quagmire
    -n- soft, wet, miry ground that shakes or yields under the feet like quicksand; a difficult position, as of one sinking or stuck
  72. Mire
    -n- deep mud, slimy soil                                                       -v- to cause to get stuck (like in problems)
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