1. Who is in charge at an MCI?
    Incident commander
  2. What lvl is more toxic 0 or 4
    lvl 4
  3. What must your pt care at a Hazmat incident include?
    • 1. Any trauma that has resulted from other related mechanisms, such as vehicle collisions, fire or explosion
    • 2. The injury and harm that have resulted from exposure to the toxic hazardous substance
  4. What pts get the red tag?
    Pt who need immediate care and transport
  5. Who informs the hospital that your enroute with a pt?
    Transport officer
  6. Hazardous materials situations include?
    • 1. A truck or train crash with leaking substance
    • 2. A leak, fire or emergency at an industrial plant
    • 3. A leak or ruture of an underground gas pipe
    • 4. Buildup of methane or other byproducts in sewers
    • 5. Motorvehicle crash in which the gas tank had ruptured
  7. Where should you be at a haz scene?
    Uphill, upwind 100 ft away
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