A&P Seeley 1.4

  1. Planes
    Sagittal, median, transvers/horizontal, frontal/coronal
  2. Sagittal plane
    Vertical, right/left
  3. Median plane
    • Sagittal, midline
    • (Vertical, right/left)
  4. Transverse plane
    • AKA horizontal
    • Runs parallel to the ground, superior/inferior
  5. Frontal/coronal plane
    Vertical, anterior/posterior
  6. Sections
    Longitudal, cross/transverse, oblique
  7. Longitudal section
    Cut through the long axis
  8. Cross/transverse section
    Cut through the right angle to the long axis
  9. Oblique section
    Non-right angle cut across the long axis
  10. Three large cavities in the trunk
    Thoracic, abdominal, pelvic
  11. Thoracic cavity
    Top cavity, surrounded by the rib cage, superior to the diaphram
  12. Mediastinum
    Divides the thoracic cavity into right and left parts
  13. What does the mediastinum contain?
    • Heart, thymus, trachea, and esophagus.
    • The lungs are on either side.
  14. Abdominal cavity
    Middle cavity, enclosed by abdominal muscles
  15. What does the abdominal cavity contain?
    Stomach, liver, kidneys, splee, pancreas, intestines
  16. Pelvic cavity
    Bottom cavity, encased by pelvic bones
  17. What does the pelvic cavity contain?
    Reproductive organs, bladder, part of the large intestines
  18. Abdominopelvic cavity
    Abdominal and pelvic cavities
  19. Serous membranes
    Covers and lines the organ of the trunk cavities.
  20. Visceral serous membrane
    Inner part
  21. Parietal serous membrane
    Outer part
  22. Pericardial cavity
    • Surrounds the heart
    • Is b/t the visceral pericardium and the parietal pericardium
  23. Visceral pericardium
    Covers the heart (inner)
  24. Parietal pericardium
    Surrounds the pericardial cavity (outer)
  25. Pericardial fluid
    Fluid in the pericardial cavity
  26. Pleural cavity
    • Surround each lung
    • Is b/t the visceral pleura and the parietal pleura
  27. Visceral pleura
    Covers each lung (inner)
  28. Parietal pleura
    Surrounds each pleural cavity (outer)
  29. Pleural fluid
    Fluid in the pleural cavity
  30. Peritoneal cavity
    • Lines the abdominopelvic cavity
    • Is b/t the visceral peritoneum and the parietal peritoneum
  31. Visceral peritoneum
    Covers many abdominopelvic organs (inner)
  32. Parietal peritoneum
    Lines the abdominopelvic cavity (outer)
  33. Peritoneal fluid
    Fluid in the peritoneal cavity
  34. What are mesenteries?
    Two layers of fused peritoneum
  35. What do mesenteries connect?
    Connects the visceral peritoneum (inner) of some organ to the parietal peritoneum (outer) of the abdominopelvic wall or to the visceral peritoneum of other organs.
  36. What do mesenteries do?
    Anchors organs to the abdominopelvic wall and provides pathways for nerves and blood vessels.
  37. Retroperitoneal
    • Attached to the body wall
    • Covered with parietal peritoneum (outer)
    • Do not have mesenteries
  38. Which organs are retroperitoneal?
    Kidneys, adrenal glands, pancreas, bladder, parts of the intestines
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