A&P Seeley 1.3

  1. Anatomical position
    Standing, face directed forward, upper limbs hanging to the sides, and palms facing forward.
  2. Supine
    Lying face up.
  3. Prone
    Lying face down.
  4. Superior
  5. Inferior
  6. Anterior
  7. Posterior
  8. Cephalic
    Closer to the head (superior)
  9. Caudal
    Closer to the tail (inferior)
  10. Ventral
    Toward the belly (anterior)
  11. Dorsal
    Toward the back (posterior)
  12. Proximal
    Closer to the point of attachment (forearm, thigh)
  13. Distal
    Farther from the point of attachment (hand, foot)
  14. Lateral
    Away from the midline of the body (shoulder, ear)
  15. Medial
    Toward the midline of the body (nose, bellybutton)
  16. Superficial
    Toward/on the surface
  17. Deep
    Internal, away from the surface
  18. Upper limb
    • Shoulder to hand
    • Arm, forearm, wrist, hand
  19. Arm
    Shoulder to elbow
  20. Forearm
    Elbow to wrist
  21. Lower limb
    • Hip to foot
    • Thigh, leg, ankle, foot
  22. Thigh
    Hip to knee
  23. Leg
    Knee to ankle
  24. Central region
    Head, neck, trunk
  25. Trunk
    Thorax, abdomen, pelvis
  26. Thorax
  27. Abdomen
    Between the thorax and pelvis
  28. Pelvis
    Lower trunk, hips
  29. Abdomen quadrants
    Left-upper, right-upper, left-lower, right-lower
  30. Abdomen regions
    Epigastric, umbilical, hypogastric, right/left hypochondriac, lumbar, iliac
  31. Epigastric region
    Top middle
  32. Umbilical region
    Middle middle
  33. Hypogastric region
    Bottom middle
  34. Hypochondriac region
    Right/left top
  35. Lumbar region
    Right/left middle
  36. Iliac region
    Right/left bottom
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