Pharmacology ch 6

  1. adverse drug event
    an undesirable occurrence related to administration of or failure to administer a prescribed medication
  2. adverse drug reaction
    • unexpected, unintended, undesired, or excessive responses to medications given at therapeutic dosages (as opposed to overdose)
    • one type of adverse drug event
  3. Allergic reaction
    • an immunologic hypersensitivity reaction resulting from an unusual sensitivity of a patient to a particular medication
    • type of adverse drug event and a subtype of adverse drug reactions
  4. Idiosyncratic reaction
    any abnormal and unexpected response to a medication, other than an allergic reaction, that is peculiar to an individual patient
  5. medical error
    a broad term commonly used to refer to any error in any phase of clinical patient care that causes or has the potential to cause patient harm
  6. Medication error
    • any preventable adverse drug events involving inappropriate medication use by a patient or health care professional
    • they may or may not cause the patient harm
  7. medication reconciliation
    a procedure implemented by health care providers to maintain an accurate and up-to-date list of medications for all patients between all phases of health care delivery
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