1. You need to apply voltage to a power tool having a three-wire system.The receptacle is a two-wire type. To connect the tool to this voltage source, you should use an adapter with an external ground wire and connect it in which configuration?
    Connect the safety ground to a good ground before plugging in the tool
  2. What alloy is used to make most nonmagnetic tools?
  3. If you are working on high-voltage circuits or around wires having exposed surfaces you should keep tools and equipment with metal parts a minimum of how far away?
    4 feet
  4. What detirmines the intensity of an electrical shock?
  5. If electrical equipment is to be repaired what action should be taken before beginning the work?
    Lock out tag out (open breakers/fuses)
  6. You are troubleshooting an electrical device that is not recieving any power. What is the first check you make?
    Check for visible indications of trouble
  7. What causes the most electrical/electronic work center accidents?
  8. At the local level, you may insulate tools for use on what type of circuit?
    Low voltage
  9. When using copressed air to clean out fixtures and jigs, you should observe the proper safety precautions. Also, you should maintain the air pressure below what maximum value?
  10. What color is the safety ground wire for electrical tools?
  11. If one of your tools becomes worn, damaged, or broken, you should report this fact to what person?
    Work center supervisor
  12. When an aircraft anticollision light is operating on the flight line, it warns personnel of what potential hazards?
    Engines are online
  13. Why should a person not move about after receiving an electrical shock?
    temporarily weakened heart
  14. When you find a damaged power tool electrical cord, what action should you take?
    Replace the cord.
  15. An accident-free naval career can best be achieved by following what course of action?
    Using a common sense approach to safety.
  16. If you swallow gasoline, at action should you take?
    Drink large amounts of milk or water and 4tbsp vegitable oil if available.
  17. While using an electric drill, you experience an electrical shock. at condition is the most likely cause?
    improperly grounded drill
  18. What are the general classes of washers used in aircraft structures?
    Plain, lock, and special
  19. What type of logs are used by your division or department to maintain its supply inventory?
  20. What term is used to describe the direction of the airstream in relation to the airfoil?
    Relative wind
  21. T/F - Water is most efficient when it absorbs enough heat to raise its temperature to a boiling point, and then changes to steam that carries away  the heat, which cools  the surface temperature.
  22. What factors limit the number of sailors who can be advanced to petty officer?
    The number of vacancies that exist in each rate and rating
  23. One octal digit is represented by how many binary digits?
  24. What is the unit of measurment for inductance?
  25. What type of coupling is most useful for impedance matching?
  26. Serious hearing damage may occur to unprotected ears if the DB level is greater than what maximum level?
  27. Which of the following is a universally mounted gyro?
    A two-degrees-of-freedom gyro
  28. What color is the 6-inch band around the top of a fire extinguisher on the flight line painted to identify halon?
    Fluorescent yellow
  29. When a photodiode is exposed to an external light, what happens to (a) resistance and (b) current? (increases/decreases)
    a) decreases (b) increases
  30. a basic gas turbine engine consists of what total number of major sections?
  31. where does a nickel-cadmium battery get its name from?
    The composition of its plates
  32. in 1971 the navy received the new CH-53A Sea stallion helicopter. This helicopter is devoted exclusively to what mission?
    Mine countermeasures
  33. In the second letter designation for the mission of guided missiles and rockets, what does the letter E signify?
    Special Electronic
  34. Military cash awards program (MILCAP) provides monetary recognition of up to what maximum amount?
  35. Leaders who would rather do the job themselves, set high standards, expect self direction, and have trouble delagating authority exercise what leadership style?
    Pace setter
  36. T/F - In composite aircraft construction, boron fibers pose less of a problem to unprotected electrical equipment than carbon or graphite fibers.
  37. How does an ammeter affect the circuit being measured?
    It acts as a resistance in series and lowers the circuit current.
  38. What rating makes visual and instrumental observations of weather and sea conditions?
    AG Aerographers Mate
  39. Latex rubber is a high grade compound consisting of what percentage of unmilled grainless rubber?
  40. What is the maximum range of the M14 Rifle?
    4,075 yards
  41. What are the two types of electronic counter measures?
    Active and Passive
  42. When you are attending department meetings remember to check what before the meeting?
    Work progress
  43. The spectrum analyzer is used to display which quantities?
    Amplitude within each frequency component in a circuit, Proportions of power within each frequency component in the spectrum, and the Frequencies produced in a circuit
  44. What is caused by local action in a cell?
    Impurities rise to the top of the electrolyte
  45. In the first letter designation for launching guided missiles and rockets, what letter signifies multiple launch environments?
  46. When reverse bias is applied to the gate lead of a JFET, what happens to (a) source-to-drain resistance of the device and (b) current flow? (increase/decrease)
    (a) increases, (b) decreases
  47. On a vernier micrometer, the ten spaces on the vernier are equivalent to how many spaces on the thimble?
  48. Under the navy's policy for drug abusers, which of the following actions is taken if a po2 commits a drug abuse offence?
    Kicked out
  49. AC can be defined as current that varies in
    aplitude and direction
  50. what component causes a generator to produce a dc voltage instead of an ac voltage at it's output?
    the commutator
  51. the input frequency of a half wave rectifier is 120hz, what is the output voltage of the rectified DC?
  52. In an rf amplifier an unwanted signal is coupled through the base-to-collector interelectrode capacitance, this problem can besolved by providing feedback out of phase with the unwanted signal. What is this technique called?
  53. Restorative work performed on an item of support equipment is considered what type(s) of work?
    Rework and upkeep maintenence.
  54. Which city is the home port of the soviet black sea fleet?
  55. What type of caliper is used for finding shaft centers or locating shoulders?
    a hermaphrodite caliper
  56. What are the two parts of the individual survival kit contained in the SV-2 survival vest?
    medical and general survival kits
  57. what oscillator uses split capacitors for feedback?
  58. what are the two elements of a ships organization?
    battle organization and administrative organization
  59. a molecule is the smalles possible particle that retains the characteristics of what substance?
    a compound
  60. if 20% of your people are causing 80% of your problems, how much of your administrative time can you expect to spend dealing with this same 20% ?
  61. when you solder or hot-wire strip fluoroplastic insulated wire, what safety precautions should be observed?
    Maintain good ventilation
  62. what type of feedback is provided if the feedback signal is out of phase with the input signal?
  63. who is responsible for NATO's offensive and defensive capability inthe norwegian and mediterranean seas?
  64. What term is used to indicate current gain in a common-emitter configuration?
  65. The westinghouse 19a jet engine was developed for the navy in what year?
  66. The number of electrons in the outer most shell of an atom determine what characteristic of the atom?
  67. What was the name of the worlds first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier?
    USS Enterprise
  68. How many degrees of rotation are provided for the superstructure on theA/S32M-14 aircraft maintenance crane?
  69. What is the speed limit for vehicles operating on runways, taxiways, parking areas, ramps, and working areas?
  70. aircraft are assigned a spotting sequence for launch based on what criteria?
    aircraft type, mission, and catapult
  71. when is a knotted tap joint normally used?
    when a branch circuit is joined to a continuous wire (main wire)
  72. on a metric micrometer, one revolution of the spindle advances orwithdraws the screw what distance?
  73. the enhancement mode MOSFET (a) uses what type of bias and (b) has what type of doped channel to enhance the current carriers in the channel? (forward/reverse, light/heavy)
    Forward, lightly
  74. most amplifiers can be classified in what ways?
    function and frequency response
  75. Most parachute canopies are manufactured in different colors. What total number of colors are used?
  76. Advising the commanding officer in planning, organizing, directing,and executing a sound financial system that will contribute to the efficient, economical, and effective management of the station is a function of what department?
  77. What term applies to the power loss in an iron core inductor due to the current induced in the core?
    eddy-current loss
  78. What percentage of tin is used in alloy lead sheathing?
  79. What type of equipment should be used as a source of breathing air ONLY in emergency situtions?
    Oxygen breathing apparatus (OBA)
  80. What rating maintains and repairs gasoline engines and associated automotive systems?
  81. What is the primary purpose of decoy flares?
    Used during evasive maneuvers against heat seeking missiles
  82. Dye markers will be a good target up to what maximum amount of time?
    30 minutes
  83. What is the primary function of the stabilizers?
    To keep the aircraft flying straight and level
  84. How many pounds of buoyancy does the bladder support on the flight deck life preserver?
  85. What axis does the aircraft pivot on when it increases its angle of attack?
  86. On march 1948 the navy's first jet carrier landing was made on what aircraft carrier?
    USS Boxer
  87. When does mutual inductance occur between two inductors?
    when the effect of one conductor is aided by the other
  88. A single voltage divider provides both negative and positive voltages from a single source voltage through the use of a ground where?
    between the two dividing resistors
  89. What number of sections make up a gore on a parachute canopy?
  90. Which factors affect rotor rigidity?
    Weight, shape, speed
  91. Normally most coils have cores composed of
    Air or soft iron
  92. Immediate compliance to orders, tight job control, and numerous detailed reports on jobs are characteristics of what leadership style?
  93. The navy purchased its first aircraft on what date?
    May 8, 1911
  94. What is an ohmmeter used to check?
  95. Electrostatic lines of force radiate from a charged particle along what type of lines?
  96. Which location on the analog meter scale provides the most accurate reading for resistance?
    Near the center
  97. What safety precaution should be taken when a voltmeter is used?
    Deenergize the circuit before connecting the meter
  98. What methods may be used to tune an LRC Frequency determining network to a different frequency?
    Vary the capacitance and inductance
  99. What size canopy is used in the NES type parachute?
    28 foot
  100. An operations maintenance division is normally established at a naval air station that has at least how many aircraft assigned?
  101. A thermocouple ammeter is used to measure what quantity?
    RF Current
  102. A servo is normally designed to move (a) what type of load to (b) what type of positions? (large/small) (approximate/exact)
    (a) Large (b) Exact
  103. Resistance bears which, if any, of the following relationships to conductance?
    a reciprocal relationship
  104. Which of the following types of circuits are most affected by the loading effect of voltmeters?
    High resistance
  105. What is the Support Equipment Operator’s License commonly known as?
    Yellow License
  106. In severe cold weather environments, aircraft canopies should not be locked in the landing area because they will freeze "closed" and prevent brake rider protection. T/F?
  107. Maintenance managers need current status information to control the maintenance effort. What system is designed to provide maintenance managers with this information?
  108. The current in the interpoles of a dc motor is the same as the
    armature current
  109. How does the UJT differ from a conventional transistor?
    The UJT has a second base instead of a collector
  110. What is the purpose of the small hook on the double rescue hook?
    Handling light cargo
  111. To conduct, how must a photodiode be biased?
    Reversed biased
  112. Which of the following screws are used to hold gears on a shaft?
    Set screws
  113. describe the magnetic field surrounding a current-carrying conductor
    It is perpendicular to and equal along all parts of the conductor
  114. One L/R time constant is equal to the time required for the current in an inductor to reach what portion of its maximum value?
  115. Compressor stalls may be eliminated by using what systems?
    Compressor bleed-air system and variable vane system
  116. What instrument can be used to measure distances beyond the range of calipers?
  117. If a fluorescent light is to be attached to a branch circuit, which splice should normally be used?
    A fixture joint
  118. Shock encountered in landing, taxiing, and takeoff of all naval aircraft is absorbed by what agent(s) or components in shock struts
    Nitrogen and hydraulic fluid
  119. A tuned-base Hartley oscillator is described as "shunt fed" when
    dc does not flow through the tank circuit
  120. What method is used to automatically inflate the one-man life raft contained in the RSSK?
    Upon separation from the RSSK a drop lanyard will inflate the raft.
  121. AN bolts come in what total number of head styles?
  122. What waveform could be the output of the astable-multivibrator?
    a rectangular wave
  123. A standard micrometer screw has what number of threads per inch?
  124. What does the size of a micrometer indicate?
    The size of the largest work it will measure
  125. In a dc position servo system, what characteristic of the error signal determines the direction in which the load is driven?
  126. Which system is responsible for naming, describing, classifying, and numbering all items carried under centralized inventory control by DoD and civil agencies of the federal government?
    Federal Catalog
  127. You are measuring the speed of a fan blade by using a stroboscopic-tachometer. Setting the flash at a rate 5 rpm SLOWER than the fan speed will cause the blades to appear to move (a) in what relative direction and (b) at what speed? (forward/backward)
    (a) Backward (b) 5 rpm
  128. What division provides clerical services for the AIMD?
  129. What devices are magnetic error detectors?
  130. Bar magnets should be stored in what manner?
    In pairs with a north pole and a south pole together
  131. Logic is the development of a reasonable conclusion based on known information T/F?
  132. What relation should the grip length have to the materials being bolted together
    it should be equal to the thickness of the bolted materials
  133. The empennage of the aircraft consists of what sections?
    Vertical and horizontal stabs, rudder, and elevators
  134. In a galvanometer, the phosphor bronze ribbon serves what functions?
    provides conduction path from circuit tested to coil, restores coil to original position, and allows the coil to twist
  135. What is a basic oscillator?
    A nonrotating device producing alternating current
  136. Alternators are rated using which term?
  137. In a parallel-resonant circuit, 'Q' is used to figure which of the following circuit values?
    circulating tank current
  138. What assembly operates the ailerons and elevators on a multi engine fixed wing aircraft?
    The Yoke and wheel assembly
  139. When a wire has been properly stripped and is to be soldered to a connector, what total length of the exposed wire should be tinned?
    one half
  140. Regular hard hats must be insulated so that personnel may be protected from voltages up to what maximum amount?
  141. The ammeter with the greatest sensitivity has what characteristics?
    The lowest amount of current for fullscale deflection indication
  142. On what date is periodic performance evaluations submitted for E-5 personnel?
    31 march
  143. Which breakdown theory explains the action that takes place in a heavily doped PN junction with a reverse bias above 5 volts?
    avalanche breakdown
  144. What command's mission is to organize, train, and equip computer and telecommunications activities?
  145. Who has the responsibility of scheduling workloads to ensure the efficient movement of all aircraft and parts through the AIMD?
    Production Control
  146. Secondary air is used in the combustion chamber for what?
    To dilute and cool the hot gasses
  147. When directed drift occurs, at what speed does it take place?
    186,000 miles per second
  148. How can the direction of rotation be changed in a DC motor?
    By reversing either the armature connections or the field connections.
  149. A dye marker can be seen by aircrewman in an aircraft flying at 3,000 feet for what approximate distance?
    11 miles
  150. Where is the water and AFFF mixed on the P-4A aircraft fire fighting vehicle?
    Mixed in the venturi inductors
  151. The nonself-reading, high-range casualty dosimeter measures what maximum amount of gamma radiation?
    600 roentgens
  152. The semiconductor doping impurities— arsenic, antimony, and bismuth—are classified as what type of impurities?
  153. What may contribute to wheel assembly fires?
    Grease, tire rubber, hydraulic fluid
  154. What class of amplifier has the highest efficiency?
    Class C
  155. As a helicopter's rotor turns in one direction, the body of the helicopter tends to rotate in the opposite direction. What law of principle explains this action?
    Newton's third law.
  156. Why are the units (plates) of the metallic rectifier stacked?
    To prevent inverse voltage breakdown
  157. What type of rivnuts are used on sealed flotation or pressurized compartments?
  158. How many safety straps are incorporated on the forest penetrator?
  159. What determines the spacing of the suspension lugs used with general purpose bombs?
    The size of the bomb
  160. When are sea bag inspections required for E-3 and below personell?
    Upon transfer
  161. What type of indicating device is usually installed in the stator circuit of a torque synchro system?
    an overload indicator
  162. The FOCUS control on the front of an oscilloscope is used to adjust what characteristic on the CRT display?
    The Beam size
  163. Modern number systems are built around what components?
    Unit, number, and radix
  164. What is the principal use of the oscilloscope?
    To visually examine waveforms
  165. In a dc motor, the neutral plane shifts in what direction as the result of armature reaction?
    In the direction of rotation
  166. If the output of a circuit should be a representation of less than one-half of the input signal, what class of operation should be used?
    Class C
  167. Before replacing a fuse, you should check for which of the following conditions?
    Proper fit, proper fuse
  168. Troubleshooting electrical and electronic equipment includes what actions?
    Fault isolation, equipment repair, equipment performance evaluation.
  169. After a naval message has been prepared and signed by the drafter, which person releases the message?
    The delegated releasing officer
  170. What circuits are most commonly used as frequency determining devices?
  171. The ability of an aircraft to perform its mission was changed by alteration without regard to flying hours. What type of maintenance is this?
    Special upkeep
  172. When a gun salute is prescribed on arrival, it is fired as the visitor approaches and is
    still clear of the side
  173. What term describes the use of four binary digits to represent one decimal digit?
    Binary-coded decimal
  174. The hollow form of the non magnetic material found in the center of an air core coil has what purpose?
    to support the windings
  175. Multi-engine aircraft are usually tied down at how many points?
  176. Motor reaction in a dc generator is a physical force caused by the magnetic interaction between the armature and the field. What effect, if any, does this force have on the operation of the generator?
    It tends to oppose the rotation of the armature
  177. What device is similar in operation to a photodiode?
  178. What is the function of the inner cone in the exhaust section?
    To eliminate exhaust gas turbulance.
  179. What types of insulation are best suited for use in a high temperature environment?
    FEP, silicone rubber, and extruded polytetrafluoroethylene
  180. What happens to capacitive reactance when frequency decreases?
    it increases
  181. What type of caliper contain a straight measuring rule?
    Slide calipers (think slide rule)
  182. The power consumed in a conductor in realigning the atoms which set up the magnetic field is known as what type of loss?
    Hysteresis loss
  183. Electrostatic lines of force are drawn in what manner?
    Entering the negative charge, leaving the positive charge.
  184. What is the survivor's rescue strop commonly called?
    Horse collar
  185. In logic probes what is used as an indicator?
    an LED
  186. Compared to the VOM, the electrical digital multimeter has what advantages?
    Higher imput impedance, can be read directly without using a scale, and has little or no loading effect on the circuit under test.
  187. The common collector is also referred to by what term?
    Emitter Follower
  188. The examples AB=BA and A+B=B+A represent which boolean law?
  189. The Q of a circuit is a measure of circuit
  190. When you are advanced how does your value to the navy increase?
    Both as a specialist in your rating and an increased value to train other personnell
  191. T/F - To maintain public confidence in its integrity, all naval personnel must comply with the standards of conduct and professional ethics.
  192. Which has a higher capacitance when used as the dielectric in a capacitor: Glycerine or Water?
    pure water
  193. What factors detirmine the insensity of a magnetic field surrounding a coil?
    Amount of current, type of core, number of turns/winds.
  194. Electrostatic lines of force radiate from a charged particle along what type of lines?
    Straight lines
  195. The phosphor bronze ribbon in the galvanometer serves the same purpose as what component in the D'Arsonval meter?
    the Hairspring
  196. What terms are equal to
    (a)2.1 kV
    (b)0.8 kV
    (c)1.0 kV
    • (a)2100v
    • (b)800v
    • (c)1000v
  197. What are characteristics of a Zener diode?
    • it is a PN-junction diode
    • it has an avalance effect
    • it uses the Zener effect
  198. What data does the INS (inertial navigational system) provide to the overall tactical system?
    • Velocity
    • Attitude
    • Heading
  199. Distortion caused by amplifier saturation can be reduced by using what type of feedback?
  200. In an oscilloscope, what waveform characteristics are represented by (a) vertical deflection and (b) horizontal deflection?
    • (a) amplitude
    • (b) frequency
  201. What publication should be used to determine the wire identification system for a specific piece of equipment?
    The technical manual for the equipment
  202. the MK8 Mod 5 bomb shackle is used on what type of aircraft?
  203. During all operations of the turboshaft engine, automatic protection is provided for what malfunctions?
    Turbine overspeed, compressor stall, combustion flame out, and turbine overtemperature
  204. Which type of leave is NOT charged to you?
    Convalescent leave
  205. The number of pole pairs required to establish a rotating magnetic field in a multiphase motor stator is determined by which of the following factors?
    The number of phases
  206. The reading of a wattmeter is dependent upon what circuit characteristics?
    • Current
    • Voltage
    • Power Factor
  207. What is an in-circuit meter used for?
    to monitor the circuit operation
  208. The coil in a galvanometer rotates to allow measurement of current. What action causes this reaction?
    Magnetism of the permanent magnet and magnetism produced by current in the movable coil.
  209. An imaginary line used to illustrate a magnetic effect is known as
    a magnetic line of force
  210. A Mk 80 star flare cartridge has a minimum burn duration of 4 1/2 seconds and can be launched up to how many feet?
    250 feet
  211. To measure shaft rotation rate on an engine, you should use which instrument?
    a tachometer
  212. Areas within a command requiring varying degrees of restriction of access, control of movement, and type of protection required for classified material are known by what collective term?
    Restricted areas
  213. Alchoholism is often...
    slow to be recognized
  214. What are the major components on the TMU 70/M oxygen storage tank?
    • Control valves
    • storage tank
    • transfer tank
  215. By what means is lift controlled in a helicopter?
    by varying the pitch or angle of attack of the rotor blades
  216. What unit is used in measuring the turning force of a synchro?
  217. The coefficient of coupling between two coils is a measure of what factor?
    The magnetic flux ratio linking the coils.
  218. What personnel are subject to participation in the urinalysis testing program?
    All enlisted and officer personnel regardless of rank or age
  219. What is the consistency of the electrolyte in a dry cell?
  220. What marking or bolt dimension indicates the material of which standard bolts are made, and if it is a close-tolerance bolt?
    Head marking
  221. Electrical workers requiring head protection must wear safety helmets which are capable of withstanding what minimum voltage proof- test?
  222. What is an advantage of a volt-ohm meter?
    it cannot be damaged
  223. What are the two basic types of alternators?
    Rotating field and rotating armature
  224. What are the main structural members of the wing?
  225. During synchro alignment what is the purpose of the coarse setting?
    To ensure a setting of zero degrees rather than 180 degrees
  226. Inductors experience copper loss for what reason?
    Because all inductors have resistance which dissipates power
  227. What deck fitting is NOT found aboard ships?
  228. Because of the potential hazards to personnel, what additional protection is necessary for personnel to combat composite fibers resulting from an aircraft fire?
    Respiratory Protection
  229. When can you use a DC ammeter to measure ac values?
  230. Upon pilot ejection how many methods are there for parachute deployment?
  231. On March 1948, the Navy's first jet carrier landing was made on what aircraft carrier?
    the USS Boxer
  232. What division is charged with the operation and upkeep of the aircraft carrier's aviation fuel and oil transfer system?
  233. When an aircraft is catapulted from an aircraft carrier, the holdback assembly is used for what purpose?
    to secure the aircraft to the deck
  234. A drug abuser who suffers long periods of time without sleeping or eating is probably abusing what types of drugs?
  235. What is one of the busiest, most important and dangerous divisions in a squadron?
  236. To measure a piece of stock that is approx. 3.25 inches you will need a micrometer with what range?
    3- to 4-inch range
  237. When a synchro transmitter is in the zero-degree position, the rotor is aligned in what manner?
    With winding S2
  238. What is the main advantage of a shunt motor over a series motor?
    A shunt motor stays at a more constant speed under varying load conditions than a series motor does.
  239. how many  sections are in the MIL-STD-1812 engine?
  240. The current in the interpoles of a dc motor is the same as the
    armature current
  241. Circuit protection devices are used for what purposes?
    • Protecting people
    • Protecting circuits
    • To guard against hazardous conditions
  242. What division is charged with the operation and maintenance of catapults and arresting gear on an aircraft carrier?
  243. What parachute part pulls the main canopy fro the container upon ejection?
    The outomatic opening device
  244. What system provides continuous glide path information and places major control of the aircraft into the hands of the pilot?
    FLOLS - Fresnal Lens Optical Landing System
  245. What is the primary rescue device used in helicopter rescues?
    The hoisting cable and double rescue hook
  246. A material whose resistance remains constant as the temperature increases has what temperature coefficient?
  247. What does a shifting center of pressure do to a rotor blade?
    It causes it to move up and down uncontrollably
  248. In addition to friction, magnetism, and chemical action, which methods can be used to produce a voltage?
    • Pressure
    • Heat
    • Light
  249. What term defines the capacity of a soldering iron to generate and maintain a satisfactory soldering temperature while giving up heat to the joint being soldered?
    Thermal inertia
  250. What type of agents are used to produce temporary misery and harassment?
    Riot Control
  251. What is the primary mission of the Soviet navy?
    To provide support for soviet land-based forces
  252. What person is responsible for determining the safe entry of personnel into closed or poorly ventilated spaces?
    The gas free engineer
  253. What is the decimal equivalent of one mil
    0.001 inches
  254. The frames of micrometers are available up to what maximum size?
    24 inches
  255. Assisting the safety officer in keeping the safety program visible to all hands is the responsibility of which of the following groups?
    Division Safety Petty Officers
  256. What types of synchro devices have (a) one electrical and one mechanical input and an electrical output; and (b) two electrical inputs and one mechanical output?
    (a)TDX (b) TDR
  257. What type of dielectric is LEAST sensitive to power dielectric-hysteresis losses?
  258. What is the working load of the Aero full power tie-down assembly?
    30,000 lbs
  259. Designation of switch current rating is based on what current (amperage) value?
  260. From the time it is activated, each cylinder used in the self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) will last approximately what length of time?
    30 minutes
  261. The collector load resistor is represented by what symbol?
  262. Wave generators are classified according to their
    output wave shape
  263. What engine component is the exhaust gas temperature measured from?
    the Turbine
  264. A substance with an excess of electrons is considered to be in what electrical state?
  265. What is the rated capacity of the A/M27T-5 hydraulic portable power supply?
    20 gpm at 3,000 psi and 10 gpm at 5,000 psi
  266. The inner cone is attached to the outer cone by what means?
    Streamlined vanes called brace assemblies
  267. Meter sensitivity is determined by the amount of current required by the ammeter coil to provide full-scale deflection of the pointer. An ammeter coil requiring which of the following current values provides the greatest sensitivity?
    500 microamperes
  268. What fire extinguishing agents are carried on the P-19 fire fighting truck?
    Water, foam, and Halon 1211
  269. What household device uses magnetism?
    High-fidelity speakers
  270. What person is responsible for odereing all departmental PQS material?
    the PQS Coordinator
  271. What short-to-medium range guided missile is designed to be launched from helicopters at low air speeds and altitudes?
    AGM-119B Penguin
  272. Torsional deflection in a turboprop engine is an indication of what variable?
  273. Common tapes and rulers are usually NOT marked smaller than what fraction of an inch?
  274. When maintenance personnel are not authorized to make repairs to a piece of test equipment, what items, if any, must be sent to the calibration repair facility with the equipment?
    All of the accessories
  275. What series helmet is designed for all helicopter aircrew members?
  276. The output level meter of a signal generator reads 0. 10 with the attenuator set to 080. 0. What is the actual output in microvolts?
  277. How are fixed capacitors classified?
    By their dielectric materials
  278. What color is most support equipment painted?
    Yellow and White
  279. T/F - The forest penetrator can be used for land and sea rescue operations
  280. What pub governs the Support Equipment Operator Trainging and Licensing Program?
    the NAMP - 4790.2b
  281. An accurate measurement of a particular resistor in a set of parallel resistors may be obtained by performing what procedural steps?
    Disconnecting the resistor from the set before taking the measurement.
  282. Which of the following is the purpose of the armed forces ID card under article 17 of the Geneva Convention?
    As a means of identification for POW's
  283. If a check flight is required after a completion of corrective ation, notification must be given to what individual?
    The quality assurance division officer
  284. The hairsprings in a d'Arsonval meter movement perform which of the following functions?
    They make electrical connections to the meter movement
  285. Maintenence performed on aircraft or equipment to improve its specific function is known as what type of maintenence?
    Special Rework Maintenence
  286. What color is the smoke that is emitted from the day end of the Mk 124 Mod 0 marine smoke and illumination signal?
  287. In a basic oscilloscope, what is the purpose of the deflection system?
    To position the beam on the screen
  288. Flip-flops may NOT be used for what operation?
  289. What two properties must a solvent have?
    • Non corrosive
    • Non conductive
  290. What is considered to be the heart of a gas turbine engine fuel system?
    the Fuel control
  291. To figure the total value of series resistance needed to extend the range of a voltmeter, you need to know the calue of current to cause full-scale deflection of the meter and what other value?
    Maximum applied current
  292. What is corrosion?
  293. Corrosion is the electrochemical deterioration of a material or its properties due to its chemical reaction with the surrounding environment. This reaction occurs because of the tendency of metals to return to their naturally occurring state.
  294. T/F - Cathodes are succeptable to corrosion.
  295. T/F - Anodes are succeptable to corrosion.
  296. T/F - Electricity flows through metal from the cathode to the anode.
  297. T/F - Electricity flows through electrolyte (fresh or sea water, gasses) from the cathode to the anode.
  298. What type of charge does a cathode carry?
  299. What type of a charge does an anode carry?
  300. What is galvanic corrosion?
    Corrosion caused by the dissimilarity of two metals
  301. What color is the corrosion on aluminium?
    Gray or white powder
  302. What color is the corrosion on nickel?
    Green powdery deposit
  303. What color is the corrosion on copper?
    Blue or green
  304. What color is corrosion on carbon and steel?
    Reddish brown
  305. What color is the corrosion on silver?
    Brown to black film (think tarnished silver)
  306. What color is the corrosion on gold?
    Darkening on reflective surfaces, appears to be more dull
  307. What are three extremely corrosion resistant metals/alloys?
    • Carbon
    • Platinum
    • Gold
  308. What are three metals that are extremely succeptable to corrosion?
    • Lithium
    • Magnesium
    • Zinc
  309. What type of corrosion is it when a large area is evenly worn and the metal gets thinner and thinner until it fails?
    Uniform surface
  310. What type of corrosion is characterized by an uneven surface or holes in the metal?
  311. What is intergranular corrosion?
    An attack on the grain boundaries in a metal, similar as in wood, and it peels and breaks like bricks separating.
  312. What is exfoliation corrosion?
    Advanced intergranular corrosion
  313. What is crevice corrosion?
    Where two surfaces meet and corrosion takes place at the union.
  314. What type of corrosion is characterized by worm-like markings and is created organically?
    Filliform corrosion
  315. First General Order
    To take charge of this post and all government property in view.
  316. Second General Order
    To walk my post in a military manner, keeping always on the alert, and observing everything that takes place in sight or hearing.
  317. Third General Order
    To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce.
  318. Fourth General Order
    To repeat all calls from posts more distant from the guardhouse than my own.
  319. Fift General Order
    To quit my post only when properly releived.
  320. Sixth General Order
    To receive, obey, and pass on to the sentry who releives me all orders from the commanding officer, command duty officer, officer of the deck, and officers and petty officers of the watch only.
  321. Seventh General Order
    To talk to no one except in the line of duty.
  322. Eighth General Order
    To give the alarm in the even of fire or disorder.
  323. Ninth General Order
    To call the officer of the deck in any case not covered by instructions.
  324. Tenth General Order
    To salute all officers and all standards not cased.
  325. Eleventh General Order
    To be especially watchful at night, and, during the time of challenging, to challenge all persons on or near my post and to allow no one to pass without proper authority.
  326. Name the three parts of the Deadly force triangle.
    • Ability
    • Oppurtunity
    • Intent
  327. Define Deadly Force.
    That force which a person uses which he or she knows or should know creates a substantial risk of causing death or serious bodily harm.
  328. What rating maintains aircraft engines and related systems?
  329. What type of motor is widely used to power small appliances?
  330. The first aviation enlisted rating established pertained to what type of work?
  331. In a differential voltmeter, an adjustable reference voltage can be produced in increments as small as how many microvolts?
  332. A star washer may be used how many times?
  333. On a standard schematic what symbol is used to disignate an LED
    A diode with two arrows pointing away from the cathode.
  334. In what year was the airman rate established?
  335. What color code identifies armor defeating ammunition except with underwater ordnance?
  336. The department of the navy falls under the authority of a cabinet post. This cabinet post is manned by what person?
    The Secretary of Defence
  337. A technical directive status code consists of how many characters?
  338. What rating is usually responsible for the installation of cartridges and CAD's as used in personnel escape systems?
  339. A survey team is made up of what minimum number of personnel?
  340. When non insulated splices and lugs are insulated what types of insulation are most commonly used?
    Spaghetti and Heat shrinkable tubing.
  341. When electrical and electronic components are soldered what type of flux must be used?
  342. An ohmmeter is capable of measuring different ranges because of what components?
    Range Resistors
  343. What type of AC motor is most widely used?
    Single-phase induction
  344. What division responsible for aircraft on the hangar deck?
  345. In the absense of the commanding officer in port, who is primarily responsible for the safety and proper operation of the unit?
    Officer of the Deck
  346. A reaction to engine torque creates what kind of stress on the aircraft fuselage?
  347. What action will charge a secondary cell?
    Connecting the negative terminal of a voltage source to the cathode of the cell, and connecting a positive terminal of the voltage source to the anode of the cell.
  348. When measuring unknown currents, you should detirmine the range scale in what way?
    The highest selectable current scale range on the meter, working your way down.
  349. What is the common name for enamel insulated wire?
    Magnet Wire
  350. By what means are most aircraft air compressors driven?
    Hydraulic motor.
  351. In an AC circuit, how does inductive reactance respond to an increase in applied frequency?
    Inductive reactance increases.
  352. What is the prime reason for accidental shootings?
    Negligence or carelessness.
  353. What happens to a zener diode that has a reverse bias slightly higher than the breakdown voltage?
    The zener acts as a short circuit.
  354. Based on the ships overall manpower, how are TAD requirements usually allocated?
    By Department
  355. What is the force created by a proppeller, jet engine, or helicoptor rotor?
  356. A fuse current rating tells you the maximum current that...
    will flow through the fuse without opening it.
  357. What type of amplifiers have both high and low frequency response limitations?
  358. Prior to working on a circuit, you use a shorting probe to discharge what types of components?
    Capacitors and cathode ray tubes.
  359. What is the tactical mission of the AIM-7F Sparrow III guided missile?
    To intercept and destroy enemy aircraft.
  360. What action will increase the capacitance of a capacitor?
    Moving the plates closer together.
  361. What type of rotor can be composed of a single winding or three Y-connected windings?
    Drum or wound
  362. Logic families are identified by what means?
    the types of elements used
  363. Distortion of main field interaction with the armature field can be compensated for with the use of
  364. What class of washer is used under a lock washer to prevent damage to a surface composed of a softer material?
  365. In an organizational code, the julian date, sequence number, and suffix are part of what code or control number?
    JCN - Job control number
  366. When rubber is used as insulation over a copper conductor, why is a thin layer of tin used between the two materials?
    to prevent chemical action from taking place between the copper and rubber.
  367. Why are shaded-pole motors built only in small sizes?
    they have weak starting torque.
  368. What is the purpose of mobile air conditioning units?
    to alleviate the need to run the aircraft engines for long periods of time.
  369. What condition presents the largest danger to a transistor?
  370. What is the total number of main components in a circuit breaker?
  371. When a 115v power source is used during the alignment of a differential syncro, what is the maximum time the circuit can be energized without causing damage to the syncro?
    Two minutes
  372. Maximum power is transferred from a source to a load when the value of the source and load resistance has what relationship?
    Equal resistance on source and load
  373. What elements must be present for a fire?
    • Heat
    • Oxygen
    • Fuel
  374. What term is used to indicate current gain in a common collector configuration?
  375. The metric system is based on what multiples?
    Multiples of Ten
  376. The power of a number is indicated by its
  377. The direction of the induced voltage in an inductor can be found by applying what rule?
    The left-hand rule for generators.
  378. What name is given to the outermost shell of an atom?
    the Valence Shell
  379. What type of cable has two or more conductors twisted together?
    a twisted cable
  380. Capacitance and Inductance are similar in what way?
    both cause the storage of energy
  381. Why are solvents used in the soldering process?
    To remove contaminants from the soldered connection.
  382. Which direction is safety wire installed?
    The direction that allows the tension of the wire to tighten the bolt.
  383. What material is used to make structural screws?
    Alloy steel
  384. What term is used to indicate current gain in a common base configuration?
  385. What agency is responsible for reducing the threat to the United States and its allies from nuclear, biological, chemical, and other special weapons?
    The Defense Threat Reduction Agency.
  386. What is the purpose of trim tabs?
    To maintain aircraft balance
  387. What term is given to the action that takes place within a cell?
    Electrochemical action
  388. How many minutes before sunset should the ship anchors light be tested?
  389. What are the two most obvious differences between the two types (AC/DC) of ohmmeters?
    The scales of the meters
  390. What happens to inductive reactance as frequency increases?
    it increases.
  391. What is the purpose of the green conductor in the cable of a power tool or electric appliance?
    To prevent electrical shock to the operator.
  392. What is a disadvantage of nose wheel steering on multiengine aircraft?
    Limited turning radius
  393. What causes the cathode to be 'eaten away' in the primary cell while the cell is discharging?
    The material of the cathode combines with negative ions to create a new substance.
  394. The feathering of paint edges of chipped or scraped areas should be done with what tool?
    Sand paper
  395. Construction of the navy's first destroyer began in what year?
  396. A photodiode acts as what type of device?
    A variable resistor
  397. What is the difference in the application of the two types of synchros?
    Light versus heavy load.
  398. What type of feedback opposes an input signal?
  399. What are three types of AC motors?
    • Series
    • Synchronous
    • Induction
  400. The AGM-65E Maverick uses what type of guidance?
  401. What is the relationship to total current in a (A) Series, versus a (B) Parallel circuit?
    Equals, divides
  402. What system provides organizational and intermediate maintenence activities with a computer based management information system?
  403. What is the total number of connections on a diode?
  404. What type of ignition system has been universally accepted for use in a gas turbine engine?
    High energy, capacitor
  405. What does the term 'safetying' mean?
    Securing the aircraft fasteners so they will not work loose.
  406. What two modes are used to obtain dual trace on an oscilloscope?
    Chop and alternate
  407. What instrument is used to check transistors for current leakage and current gain?
    The Semiconductor Test Set
  408. Angle plates are used for what purpose?
    For clamping or holding work vertically.
  409. At what temperature does liquid oxygen turn or boil into gaseous oxygen?
    -297 Degrees F
  410. What is the recommended procedure for cooling overheated wheel, brake, and tire assemblies?
    Allow assemblies to cool in the surrounding air.
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