GRE Vocab #10

  1. Sobriquet
    (soh brih keht)
    • nickname
    • One of Ronald Reagan's sobriquets was "The Gipper."

    Synonyms: alias; pseudonym
  2. Solecism
    (sah lih sishz uhm)
    • grammatical mistake; blunder in speech
    • “I ain’t going with you,” she said, obviously unaware of her solecism.
    • Synonyms: blooper; faux pas; vulgarism
  3. Spartan
    (spahr tihn)
    • highly self-disciplined; frugal; austere
    • When he was in training, the athlete preferred to live in a Spartan room, so he could shut out all distractions.
    • Synonyms: restrained, simple
  4. Sportive
    (spohr tihv)
    • Frolicsome; playful
    • The lakeside vaction meant more sportive opportunities for the kids than the wine tour through France.

    Synonyms: frisky; merry
  5. Stasis
    (stay sihs)
    • a state of static balance or equilibrium; stagnation
    • The rusty, ivy-covered World War II tank had obviously been in stasis for years.
    • Synonyms: inertia, standstill
  6. Stentorian
    (stehn tohr ee yehn)
    • extremely loud
    • Cullen couldn’t hear her speaking over the stentorian din of the game on TV.
    • Synonyms: clamorous; noisy
  7. Stratagem
    (straa tuh juhm)
    • trick designed to deceive an enemy
    • The Trojan Horse must be one of the most successful military stratagems used throughout history.

    Synonyms: artifice; feint; maneuver; ruse; wile
  8. Sully
    (suh lee)
    • To tarnish; taint
    • With the help of a public relations firm, he was able to restore his sullied reputation.
    • Synonyms: besmirch; defile
  9. Supplant
    (suh plaant )
    • to replace (another) by force; to take the place of
    • The overthrow of the government meant a new leader to supplant the tyrannical former one.

    Synonyms: displace; supersede
  10. Surfeit
    (suhr fiht)
    • excessive amount
    • Because of the surfeit of pigs, pork prices have never been lower.

    Synonyms: glut; plethora; repletion; superfluity; surplus
  11. Surly
    (suhr lee)
    • rude and bad-tempered
    • When asked to clean the windshield, the surly gas station attendant tossed a dirty rag at the customer and walked away.

    Synonyms:gruff; grumpy; testy
  12. Sybarite
    (sih buh riet)
    • a person devoted to pleasure and luxury
    • A confirmed sybarite, the nobleman fainted at the thought of having to leave his palace and live in a small cottage.

    Synonymns: hedonist; sensualist
  13. Sycophant
    (sih kuh fuhnt)
    • a self-serving flatterer; yes-man
    • Dreading criticism, the actor surrounded himself with admirers and sycophants.
    • Synonyms: bootlicker; fawner; lickspittle; toady
  14. Symbiosis
    (sihm bee oh sihs)
    • cooperation; mutual helpfulness
    • The rhino and the tick-eating bird live in symbiosis; the rhino gives the bird food in the form of ticks, and the bird rids the rhino of parasites.

    Synonyms: association; interdependence
  15. Syncopation
    (sihn cuh pay shun)
    • temporary irregularity in musical rhythm
    • A jazz enthusiast will appreciate the use of syncopation in this musical genre.
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