1. Define consciousness
    The awareness of our own thoughts, feelings, perceptions and our surroundings at any given moment.
  2. What is normal waking consciousness?
    The state of consciousness in which we are awake, alert and aware of our thoughts, feelings, sensations and our environment.

    Thoughts are clear and rational
  3. Name the characteristics of NWC
    • Content Limitation
    • Attention
    • Level of awareness
    • Controlled & automatic processes
    • Perceptual and cognitive distortions
    • Emotional awareness
    • Self control
    • Time orientation
  4. Define awareness
    How conscious you are of internal and/or external events
  5. What is meant by content limitation? In NWC and ASC
    • During NWC, we limit ourselves to the content that matters most to us. 
    • Thoughts are more restricted, logical and organised
    • -ASC: more prone to bizarre, unrealistic or creative thoughts. There are less restrictions
  6. What is attention?
    • -The information you are actively processing
    • 1. A concentration of mental activity that involves focusing on specific stimuli
    • 2. Whilst ignoring other stimuli
  7. What is selective attention?
    • The limitations placed on how much we can focus at any given stimulus at any given moment
    • Focusing on 1 stimulus to the exclusion of all others
  8. What is divided attention?
    The ability to distribute one's focus and undertake two or more activities simultaneously
  9. Provide an example of divided attention
    Writing notes in class while listening to the teacher
  10. What are automatic processes? Provide an example
    • Actions that require very little mental effort and focus to be performed. Multiple automatic processes are able to be done simultaneously with ease.
    • Allows divided attention
    • eg. sending an sms
  11. What are controlled processes? Provide an example
    • Actions that require full attention and mental effort to execute.
    • Requires selective attention
    • eg. Driving for the first time
  12. What is an altered state of consciousness?
    Any state on consciousness that is distinctly different in level of awareness & the characteristics. LCCPEST
  13. What is daydreaming?
    • -A naturally occurring ASC in which attention is shifted from external stimuli to internal stimuli
    • -EEG: mainly alpha waves
  14. What is an alcohol induced state?
    • -Psychoactive drug: A chemical substance that affects the CNS and alters brain functions affecting conscious awareness, perception, mood, cognition & behaviour
    • -Depressant: it slows or inhibits functioning of the CNS= reduction in brain activity
  15. Describe perceptual and cognitive distortions during NWC and ASC
    • NWC: clear and rational sense of sensory input. Thoughts are also rational, clear and organised
    • ASC: Distorted perceptions and cognitive functioning. Thoughts may become disorganised/illogical
  16. Describe Emotional awareness during NWC and ASC
    • NWC: able to monitor emotions and generally exhibit predictable emotional reactions to events
    • ASC: more (meditative) or less aware (alcohol)
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