1. Defame / v /
    The newspaper denies any intention to defame the senator's reputation
  2. Trap / v/
    • I feel trapped in my job
    •  Police believe the fingerprints could help trap the killer.
  3. poise : / n /
    • a calm and confident manner with
    • control of your feelings or behavior

    • His performance was full of
    • maturity and poise.
  4. Poise: / v/
    • to be or hold something steady in a particular position, especially
    • above something else

    He was poising himself to launch a final attack.
  5. Convention / n / 
    the way in which something is done that most people in a society expect and consider to be polite or the right way to do it tending to follow what is done or considered acceptable by society in general; normal and ordinary

    It is silly to be a slave to social conventions
  6. Conventional / adj /
    I wish you weren't so conventional in the clothes you wear.
  7. liable for / adj /等於須負法律責任
    responsible for
  8. anticipate / v /
    • 預期
    • It is impossible to anticipate when it will happen.
  9. Default/ n 
    • 欠[(+on/in)]
    • Let's both try not to default on our commitments.
  10. Default/ v /
    • 棄權
    • The player defaulted in the tournament because of her injury
  11. Publicity / n /
    • 宣傳品 /公開場合 /宣傳
    • His job is producing publicity for the child welfare organizations.
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