LA-Radio Code 1-77

  1. Code 1
    Acknowledge receipt of message
  2. Code 1M
    Monitor your MDT
  3. Code 1B
    Clear you MDT Buffer
  4. Code 3
    Emergency. Use red lights and siren
  5. Code 4
    No further assistance needed
  6. Code 4A
    Situation is not secure; however, there are sufficient units at the location
  7. Code 4I
    No further action needed, information only
  8. Code 4N
    No assistance needed. No evidence of crime at location
  9. Code 5
    Stake out. All units stay away, unless in response to an emergency call
  10. Code 5P
    Information Only, an LASD vehicle pursuit is approaching or in the station area. Response is not requested nor authorized at this time.
  11. Code 6
    Out for investigation
  12. Code 7
    Out of service to eat
  13. Code 8
    Fire alarm
  14. Code 9
    Pre-stop coordination
  15. Code 14 Resume normal operations
  16. Code 20
    Notify News media
  17. Code 77
    Possible ambush. Use caution
  18. Code 77N
    No answer at call back. Use caution.
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LA-Radio Code 1-77
Radio Code 1-77