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  1. Stridor 511
    Continuous musical or crowing sound of constant pitch; result of partial obstruction of larynx or trachea
  2. Status Asthmaticusa 
    particularly severe asthmatic attack that does not respond adequately to usual therapy and may require hospitalization.
  3. Subcutaneous emphysema
    Pathologic accumulation of air in tissues or organs
  4. Tachypnea
    Abnormally high breathing rate
  5. Thoracentesis
    Pleural fluid analysis, a procedure the removes air or fluid from the chest through a needle or tube
  6. Thoracotomy
    Surgical opening into the thoracic cavity
  7. Tidaling 517
    Rising and falling according to respiration
  8. Tidal Volume 517
    Volume of air inhaled & exhaled with each breath, only a small proportion of total capacity of lungs
  9. Tracheostomy
    An opening through the neck into the trachea through which a tube may be inserted to maintain an effective airway and help a patient breathe.
  10. Tracheotomy
    Surgical opening in the trachea, insert a tube to make a bypass for obstruction, to allow air get to the lungs, to remove secretion
  11. VATs 573
    Video-Assisted thoracic surgery
  12. Vesicular breath sounds
    Soft, low pitch, gentle, rustling sounds
  13. Ventilation
    Replacement of air or other gas in space by fresh air or gas
  14. VQ Scan 514
    Ventilation perfusion- used to assess ventilation and perfusion of lungs. IV radioisotope given access perfusion from the ventilation portion, the patient inhales a radioactive gas which outlines the alveoli. Normal scans show monogeneses radioactivity. Diminished or basement radioactivity suggests lack of perfusion
  15. Water-Seal drainage
    Use water to seal the drainage
  16. Wedge resection 573
    Removal of a wedge-shaped portion of the ovaryl used in the treatment of virilizing disorders of ovarian orgin
  17. Wheezes 511
    Continuous high-pitched squeaking or musical sound caused by rapid vibration of bronchial walls; 1st evident on expiration but possibly evident on inspiration as obstruction of airway increases; audible w/o stethoscope
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