SAT Vocab #4

  1. static
    stationary, not changing or moving (not radio fuzz)
  2. credulous
    believing, gullible
  3. blasphemy
    irreverence, an insult to something held sacred, profanity
  4. coalesce
    to come together as one, to fuse, to unite
  5. lax
    careless, not diligent, relaxed
  6. cryptic
    mysterious, mystifying
  7. levity
    lightness, frivality, unseriousness
  8. ambivalent
    undecided, blowing hot and cold
  9. innate
    exsisting since birth, inborn, inherent
  10. sycophant
    one who sucks up to others
  11. amiable
  12. esoteric
    hard to understand, understood by only a select few, peculiar
  13. extraneous
    irrelevant, extra, unnecessary, unimportant
  14. tedious
  15. caustic
    like acid, corrosive
  16. inadvertent
    lax; carless, without intention
  17. exhaustive
    thorough, complete
  18. incongruous
    not harmonious, not consistent, not appropriate
  19. belittle
    to make to seem little
  20. unprecedented
    happening for the first time, novel, never seen before
  21. digress
    to go off the subject
  22. appease
    to soothe, to pacify by giving in to
  23. frivolous
    not serious, not solemn, with levity
  24. instigate
    to provoke, to stir up
  25. sage
    wise, possessing wisdom derived from experience or learning
  26. predecessor
    someone or something that came before another
  27. jeopardy
  28. tangible
    touchable, palpable
  29. indulgent
    lenient, yielding to desire
  30. remorse
    sadness, regret
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SAT Vocab #4
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