blood donation

  1. What are the mandatory requirements for blood bank and transfusion centers
    • FDA
    •      - Registration within 5 days
    •      - Lincensure for across state shipment
    •      - Biological Product Deviation (BPD) reports: must be reported. examples: Fatalities,wrong exiration date is wrong, something is outdated, not all testing completed
  2. What are the voluntary regulations?
    • AABB
    • CAP
    • JCAHO
  3. Who does the following?
    - Voluntary inspection and accreditation program
    - Sets standards of performance, standards for BB and Transfusion services
  4. Who does the following?
    - Inspects and accredits laboratories of health care facilities
  5. Who does the following?
    - Inspects hospitals
    - Requires collection of data on processes related to the use, ordering and adminisration of blood products.
  6. What are the 3 types of deferrals for donating blood?
    • Temporary
    • Indefinite
    • Permanent
  7. Donor is unable to donate for a specified and limited period of time. What type of deferral is this?
  8. Donor is unable to donate for someone else for an unspecified period of time due to current regulatory requiremnts. They cannont donate until current policies change. They may be eligible to donate autologous blood. What type of deferral is this?
  9. Donor will NEVER be eligible to donate blood for someone else. They may be able to donate autologous blood. What type of deferral is this?
  10. Deferral Period?
    - Visited places in Africa where HIV, group O is prevalent
    Indefinite if transfused or lived in or had sexual contact with someone from this area. UNLESS, testing facility performs licensed test for antibodies to HIV-1 group O.
  11. Deferral Period?
    - Was in Europe greater than 5 years cumulative since 1980
    where vCJD is common.
  12. Deferral Period?
    Visited the UK for 3 mos. cumulative sometime between 1980 - 1996. Where vCJD was prevalent
    Indefinite only if between 1980 and 1996
  13. Deferral Period?
    - Just got back from Iraq
     The infectious agent of concern is: Leishmania
    Temporary: 12 months from departure date
  14. Traveled various regions of the world where SARS (Severe acute repiratory syndrome) is seen.days after return to the US
    Temporary: 14 days after return to the U.S.
  15. What are some examples of indefinite deferrals?
    • Viral Hepatitis after 11th birthday
    • History of babesiosis or Chagas' disease
    • any CJD or risk to CJD
  16. What are some reasons for Permannet Deferral
    • Male to male sex since 1977
    • Family History of CJD
  17. What are some reasons for 12 month deferrals for blood donars?
    • 1.Recipient of a transfusion
    • 2.transplants
    • 3.possible exposure to blood
    • 4.Sexual contact with someone who has HBV,HIV or viral
    • symptoms of hepatitis
    • 5.Incarcerated for more than 72 hours
    • 6.Hx of syphilis or gonorrhea
  18. To donate blood what must your H&H AT LEAST be?
    • Hgb 12.5g/dL
    • Hct  38%
  19. To donate blood what must your pulse be between?
    50 - 100 beats per minute
  20. To donate blood what must your BP be?
    • Systolic: no higher than 180mm Hg
    • Diastolic: no higher than 100mm Hg
  21. To donate blood what must your Temperature be?
  22. To donate blood what must your weight be?
    • Many blood centers state that the weight must be at least 110lbs.
    • AABB standard states that no more than 10.5mL/kg of donor weight can be collected.
  23. What 10 infectious disease testing is performed on donated blood?
    • 1.HBsAg
    • 2.Anti- HBc (hep B antibody)
    • 3.Anti- HCV (hep C antibody)
    • 4.HCV RNA by NAT (detects RNA of Hep C virus)
    • 5.Anti-HIV-1/2 (HIV types 1 & 2)
    • 6.HIV - RNA by NAT (detects RNA of HIV type 1)
    • 7.Anti-HTLV 1/2 (human T cell lymphotorpic virus types 1 & 2)
    • 8.WNV RNA by NAT (west nile)
    • 9.Serologic test for syphilis
    • 10.Antibody test for the agent of Chagas disease (known as T. cruzi)
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