2D design

  1. Line
    mark made by a moving point, has direction and length
  2. Gestalt
     the overall effect of the piece as a whole
  3. Composition
    the overall arrangement of the visual elements in a piece 
  4. Contour
    line used to follow the outline of a form thus describing its shape
  5. Shape
    area defined by line or changes in value/color
  6. Figure
    positive shape within the piece
  7. Ground
    negative space/background of the piece 
  8. Space
    measurable distance between two points
  9. Proximity
    degree of closeness between the elements in the piece
  10. Scale
    size of an object in relation to other objects
  11. Cropping
    cutting off of a section of a shape
  12. Light
    radiant energy which makes things visible
  13. Value
    relative lightness or darkness
  14. Combining
    merging of elements to create a new shape
  15. Contrast
    juxtaposition of differing elements
  16. Overlapping
    creating the illusion of depth by placingelements on top of each other
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