101 Exam 3

  1. Architecture: Post & Beam
    Two posts equally spaced a part with a beam placed horizontally across.
  2. Architecture: Cantiliver
    Two posts with a beam placed across and over-hanging on one side.
  3. Architecture: Corbelling
    Placing bricks on top of each other to create a tunnel, using outside bricks to hold up the inside ones.
  4. Architecture: Roman Arch
    Using bricks to create an arch, with pie shape bricks around the curve using the sides to take the pressure.
  5. Architecture: Tunnel/Barrel Vault
    Arches in a line creating a tunnel.
  6. Architecture: Dome
    Rotating an arch 180 degrees.
  7. Architecture: Masonry/Load Bearing Walls
    Brick, cement, steel frames. Used today.
  8. Architecture: Flying Buttress
    Outside structural support system to hold up buildings. Leaning a post up against an outside wall.
  9. Architecture: Cable Suspension
    Using cables to hold up a structure. ie: Bridges.
  10. Middle Ages: Illuminated Manuscripts
    • -The physical embodiment of god.
    • -First letter of the paragraph illustrates what is going to happen in the paragraph.
    • -paintings on the sides called illuminations.
  11. Middle Ages: What the art looks like
    • -No landscape
    • -No background
    • -No depth
    • -No shading
    • -No linear perspective
    • -Special people have halos around head
    • -No emotion
    • -No nudity
  12. Middle Ages: Gothic Cathedrals
    • -built in the form of a cross
    • -center of the city
  13. Middle Ages: Gargoyles
    • -statues of creatures from underworld on outside of cathedrals
    • -used as rain gutter because evil creatures were fit to carry waste water
  14. Secular
  15. Ren: Rise of the Middle Class
    • -middle class are now consumers
    • -contributing to the economy
  16. Ren: Humanism
    • -man is the measure
    • -secularization of the divine
    • -making god worldly, on our level
  17. Ren: What does art look like?
    • -shading
    • -emotions
    • -important backgrounds
    • -depth
    • -linear perspective
    • -individuality
    • -secular acts and scenes
  18. Baroque: What does the art look like?
    • -similar to hellenistic art
    • -lack of importance in background
    • -dramatic
    • -lots of diagonals
    • -dark backgrounds contrasting with light colors
  19. Rococo: What does the art look like?
    • -Everything is overdone
    • -very elaborate
    • -flirtatious
    • -fluffy pink nudes
  20. Neoclassicism: What does the art look like?
    • -plain and simple looking
    • -poses are cheesy and very "posed" looking
  21. Impressionism: What does the art look like?
    • -lots of light and color
    • -captures the way something looks at given moment
    • -quick brush strokes
    • -painterly with an impasto texture
  22. Cubism: What does the art look like? Who started it?
    • -new visual language created by Brock and Picasso
    • -flat geometric plane
    • -neutral and monochromatic
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