Developmental Psych

  1. The Germinal Stage (zygote)
    • 1.The first 14 days
    • 2.Differentiation
    • 3.The outter cells will become the placenta (tasks: protection and implantation)
    • 4. The inner cells will become the embryo
  2. The Embryonic Stage (Embryo)
    • 1.From the 3rd through the 8th week
    • 2.Neural Tube by 22 days becomes the central nervous system
    • 3.Cardiovascular system 1st to develop
    • 4.The toes last to develop
    • 5.All basic organs and parts (except sex organs)
    • 6.Spontaneous Abortion of Embryo's 20% miscarriage (50% of women can experience this)
  3. The Fetal Stage (Fetus)
    • 1.Longest stage from the 9th week until birth
    • 2.Sex differentiation:12 weeks
    • 3.Age of Viability
    • 4.Frontal lobe (forebrain) "executive functioning" planning, reasoning, logic, impulse control, judgement
    • **Premature birth:22-26 weeks** **The higher up the brain I go the more evolved it gets** **38 weeks ideal to give birth** **ideal birth weight:7 pounds**
  4. Teratogens
    • 1.An agent such as a virus, a drug, or radiation, that can cause malformations in an embryo or fetus.
    • 2.All teratogens will slow the growth of the baby but tobacco is the strongest.
    • 3.Amount of exposure, drug interaction, timing of exposure, genetic vulnerability
  5. HIV
    • 1.A retrovirus that causes AIDS by infecting helper T cells of the immune system.
    • 2.A woman can carry a full term healthy baby without giving it HIV. Cannot breastfeed her own milk, C section, No exchange of fluids.
  6. Folic Acid
    • 1.A B vitamin thats essential for cell growth and reproduction
    • 2.Should be taken during pregnancy and prior to pregnancy
    • 3.Anti-ox for cancer as well.
  7. Apgar Scale
    :Measures baby's vital signs: 0=lowest 2=highest
    • 1. Color: with a score of 0,1,or 2
    • 2.Heart Rate: with a score of 0,1,or 2
    • 3.Reflexes: with a score of 0,1,or 2
    • 4.Muscle Tone: with a score of 0,1,or 2
    • 5. Respiratory Effort: with a score of 0,1,or 2
    • **add up scores** **taken one min after birth and then 5 mins after birth** **A combined score of 7-10 baby good, 4-6 baby fair, 0-3 baby in very bad shape**
  8. Dilation Stage
    • 1. First and longest stage of labor
    • 2. Breaking of the waters and/or contractions: dilate the cervix
    • 3. On average 8 hours and can last up to 36 hours
    • 4. Must dilate to 10 CM
  9. Passage of the Fetus
    • 1. Second stage in labor
    • 2. Head out of the cervix and baby is visible
    • 3. Baby's birth complete
  10. Explusion of the Placenta
    • 1. Third and final stage of labor
    • 2. Delivering the Placenta
    • 3. The after birth
  11. Anoxia
    Baby's brain deprived of oxygen; can cause brain damage even death
  12. Temperament
    • 1. Precursers to personality
    • 2. It's inborn and carried through the genes
    • 3. Either Hypertonic or hypotonic
    • **hypertonic: loud & all over the place baby** **hypotonic: laid back and easy going baby**
  13. Breech baby
    • 1. Baby born feet or buttocks first
    • 2. Can result in a C-section
  14. Cesarean Section (C-section)
    • 1. A surgery, will have a scar
    • 2. More recovery time
    • 3. Used to increase the survival of child and mother with complications of birth
  15. Birth weight of infant
    • 1. Low birth weight (under 5.5 pounds) of a preterm infant vs a small for gestational age (SGA) infant
    • 2. SGA babies stronger risk of longer term problems such as mental health problems
  16. Postpartum Depression
    • 1. Occurs after delivery and can prevent bonding
    • 2. 6 weeks after delivery
    • 3. If on anti-depressants the mother must stop breastfeeding
  17. Breastfeeding vs bottle feeding
    Lactation, building of the milk, colostrum:high antibodies
  18. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
    • 1.All babies should be put to sleep on their backs
    • 2.Pacifiers so the baby doesnt go into deep sleep
  19. World Help Organization (WHO)
    • 1. Recommends that babies should be @ least breast fed for the first 6 months
    • 2. Dont put baby on cow milk until @ least the baby is one years old
  20. Miscarriage and Abortion rates of Breast Cancer
    • 1. Chances of breast cancer with the number of miscarriages and abortions increases
    • 2. Women who have had abortions are likely to have depression, can be suicidal (typically 9 months after abortion)
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