Sound & Light (Science Final Exam)

  1. diffraction
    waves bend and spread out
  2. decibels
    the measure of a sound's loudness
  3. loudness
  4. two primary colors combine to form a secondary color
  5. nodes
    destructive interference at zero amplitude
  6. speed of light
    300,000,000 meters per second
  7. coclea
    part of the ear that converts sound waves to nerve signals
  8. sonar device
    measures the time it takes to reflect sound waves
  9. polarizing filters
    indicates that light sometimes acts like a wave
  10. heat lamp
    does not use radio waves
  11. cone
    part of the eye that responds to color
  12. wave
    a disturbance that transfers energy from place to place
  13. three primary colors of LIGHT
    • red
    • green
    • blue
  14. Doppler Effect
    as a sound source moves toward a listener, pitch appears to increase
  15. thermogram
    picture of heat taken by an infrared camera
  16. telescope
    uses lenses to view things that are very far away
  17. LONGitudinal wave
    • moves particals of the medium parallel to the direction of the wave
    • ex. spring, like on the trampoline (they are LONG)
  18. tsunami
    powerful surface wave caused by an earthquake
  19. sonogram
    • picture that shows reflected sound waves from tissue
    • ex. the picture you get of the baby inside a mama
  20. light
    an EM wvae that doesn't need a medium through which to travel
  21. diffuse reflection
  22. regular reflection
  23. translucent
    • light partially reflects and refracts
    • you can somewhat see through it; may look foggy
    • ex. shower door
  24. light rays bend (refract) as it slows down when it enters a medium
  25. amplitude
  26. wavelength
  27. frequency
  28. laser light
    • one color
    • one frequency
  29. white light
    all colors and all frequencies of the visible sprectrum
  30. music
    combinations of tones that are pleasing to hear
  31. noise
    combinations of tones that are NOT pleasing to hear
  32. incandescent
  33. flourescent
  34. neon
  35. spectrum of light
    colors and wavelengths
  36. p-waves
  37. s-waves
  38. surface waves
  39. speed of sound
    relation to elasticity (more elastic=higher speed) and temperature (higher temp=higher speed)
  40. virtual image
    • right-side up
    • rays do not meet
  41. real image
    • upside-down
    • rays meet at a point
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