soc midterm1

  1. Simulcra
    cultural images that carry stereotypical meaning that are reproduced like commodities// feature of mass culture. 
  2. Distinction between Popular and Mass Culture
    Agency- ability for people in a culture to be creative with the dominant culture, colonial power or mass media given to them.
  3. Norms
    rules or standards of behavior that are expected of a group, society or culture 
  4. Sanctions
    • 1. rewards and punishment in response to a particular behavior
    • 2. positive: reward, increases behavior
    • 3.negative: punishment, decrease behavior
  5. William Gram Summer's types of Norms
    • 1. Folkway: informal norms that govern everyday social behavior (table manners)
    • 2.Mores: more serious than folkway, like laws (murder)
    • 3.Taboo: the most serious, so deeply ingrained that just the thought would cause great discomfort. (incest)
  6. Symbols
    cultural items, may or may not be tangible that has tremendous meaning within a culture
  7. Values
    standards used by cultures to describe abstract qualities such as beauty justice and goodness
  8. Ideal Culture
    How we think we should act
  9. Real Culture
    How we really act 
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