Sound Foundations

  1. What are the 3 bones of the middle ear?
    Hammer, anvil & stirrup
  2. What are the two functions of the ear
    perception of hearing and balance
  3. What is the most complex part of the ear?
    The cochlea
  4. What is another name for periodic vibrations in atmospheric pressure
    sound pressure waves
  5. What is the high pressure part called
  6. What is the low part called
  7. What am I doing?
  8. What are the 2 parts together called?
    I cycle of atmospheric pressure
  9. what are the characteristics of a waveform
    amplitude, frequency, velocity, wavelength, phase, harmonic content and envelope.
  10. what is the range of human hearing
    20 Hz to 20kHz
  11. what is another term for cycles per seconds
  12. what units of measure do we use to measure
    dB or decibels
  13. what is outboard equipment
    anything not connected to the console
  14. Name the 5 domains of outboard gear?
    Tonal, Time, Dynamic, Frequency and Spatial
  15. What is a parameter
    something that can be adjusted or controlled
  16. outboard gear can be broken down into to 2 groups what are they?
    Effects, Signal processors
  17. What do you call the place all inputs and outputs are connected?
    the patch bay
  18. What are the two main rules?
    • Never connect an output to an output
    • Any line level output can be connected to any line level input, other than its own, if it is upstream in signal flow.
  19. what is a patch point
    Any individual jack that allows us to access our signal
  20. what is an insert point?
    Any pair of jacks that allows us to add an additional component to signal flow.
  21. what domain has devices that affect harmonic content
    Tonal domain
  22. What do we call passive tone control
  23. what are the parameters of filters
    cutoff frequency and slope
  24. what type of filters reduces lows 
    High pass filter
  25. What kind of filter reduces highs?
    low pass filter
  26. what does a band pass filter do?
    reduce lows and highs.
  27. what do we call a very narrow band pass filter
    a notch filter
  28. what is cutoff frequency?
    Any frequency that is reduced −3dB from normal.
  29. How is slope measured?
    dB’s per octaves
  30. What is a series of notch filters called?
    a comb filter
  31. what do we call it when we automatically sweep the center frequencies up & down?
    sweeping comb filter
  32. What are the parameters of that device?
    speed and depth
  33. what do we call an active tone control
    A tone control with an amp (an EQ for example)
  34. what are the two types of equalizers?
    shelving and peaking
  35. what kind of equalizers boost and cuts a range of frequencies around a center frequency?
  36. what kind of eq affects all frequencies above or below the selected frequency equally? 
  37. Name the 3 parameters of eq
    cut/boost, frequency, bandwidth or q
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