English week 2

  1. A quality that is inherent
    in something is a natural part of it and cannot be separated from it
    Inherent (adj.)
  2. The atmosphere or feeling
    created by a literary work, partly by a description of the objects or by the
    style of the descriptions
    Mood (n.)
  3. The central idea or message
    of a work, the insight it offers into life
    Theme (n.)
  4. A sentence or group of
    sentences that directly states the author’s opinion, purpose, meaning, or
    position in an essay
    Thesis (n.)
  5. The author’s attitude
    towards his material, the audience, or both
    Tone (n.)
  6. The importance of an event, action etc.,
    especially because of the effects or influence it will have in the future
    Significance (n.)
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