Christian Doctrine Test 2

  1. Jesus is...
    • Fully Human
    • Fully Divine
    • One Person
  2. Heresy
    an inference about Jesus that compromises His unity, divinity, and/or oneness
  3. Heretic
    someone who is aware that their inferences compromise Jesus' unity/divinity/oneness and proceeds in believing they are correct
  4. Jesus' Humanity
    • Sin had a particular beginning and became universal with Adam
    • Redemption has a particular beginning and becomes universal through Jesus
  5. Jesus' Divinity
    • Prooftexts: single verses that prove divinity
    • Narrative Roles/Acts: forgiver, judge, healer, etc.
    • Pervasive worship using the same texts that we use to worship God
  6. Antioch
    • Adoptionist Heresies
    • Word-Man christology
    • compromises Jesus' divinity
    • adoptionism, ebionism, neostorianism 
  7. Alexandria
    • word-flesh christology
    • Docetism heresies
    • compromises Jesus' humanity
    • Docetism, monophysitism, apollonarianism, arianism
  8. Chalcedon Quote
    In Christ, divinity and humanity are "without confusion, change, division, or separation'
  9. Personal Faculties
    • Metaphysical Dualism: human is two parts soul+body
    • Our Human Appearance
    • Powers of Reasoning or Speaking (Athanasius) 
  10. Reductive Physicalism
    we are chemicals and nothing more
  11. Nonreductive Physicalism
    • there is no physical element of soul,but the atoms within us act as more complex parts
    • i.e. the heart is a bunch of atoms but it acts like a heart
  12. Social Faculties
    do we image God as single people or as humanity as a whole?
  13. Official Faculties
    • Vocation: a covenant of cultivation
    • Israel's covenant relationship with God
  14. Theology Definition
    Stan Grenz: systematic reflection on, and articulation of, the fundamental beliefs we share as followers of Jesus Christ 
  15. Canons of Hippolytus
    • Stage 1: up to 3 years, catechism, sponsored by more seasoned believers (God Parents), exorcism (cast out demons), church attendance, prayer, intercession
    • Stage 2: 40 days of lent, instruction, prayer, fasting
    • Stage 3: Apotaxis (turning away from false) Syntaxis (turning toward truth), Immersion thrice in holy water
  16. Discipleship in Paradigmatic Practice
    • From the Father: not just those who call me lord but those who do the will of my father will enter heaven. praying lord's prayer, 10 commandments, beatitudes
    • Death in the Son: we are part of the son's project to bring about new creation. worship, discipleship, service
    • Resurrection by the Holy Spirit: cardinal virtues: patience, kindness, etc. Theological virtues: faith hope love 
  17.  Ebionism
    • Jesus is a prophet appointed by God but not divine
    • Jesus as a teacher
    • Unitarianism
    • WWJD?
  18. Adoptionism
    • Jesus received His divinity at baptism
    • this means that he received divinity because of good favor and that is how we receive grace
    • Jesus as the perfect Son
    • Mormonism
  19. Neostorianism
    • Mary only mothered the human nature of Jesus
    • this says that His divinity and humanity can be pulled apart
    • If mary didn't bear God, neither did the cross
    • Churches of the East
  20. Docetism
    • The human Jesus was merely an illusion
    • Gnosticism
  21. Monophysitism
    • Human and Divinity are fused into one
    • suggests that they are similar enough to be fused like an alloy
    • hot iron
    • Sufism: they want to be fused into God
  22. Apollinarianism
    • human flesh but divine spirit/mind
    • suggests that only the human corpse was resurrected and not the human spirit
    • some evangelicals
  23. Arianism
    • Jesus is created
    • this makes Jesus in second rank to God and with lesser power
    • Jehovah's Witnesses
  24. Ten Commadments
    • 1. I am the lord your God
    • 2. No false idols
    • 3. No Lord's name in vain
    • 4. Honor the Sabbath
    • 5. Honor mother and father
    • 6. No Murder
    • 7. No Adultery
    • 8. No Stealing
    • 9. No lying
    • 10. No coveting
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