Back Muscles

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  1. Trapezius
    External OccipitalProtuberance, nuchalligament and spinousprocess of C7-T12

    Lateral 3rd of clavicle,acromion and spine of scapula

    Elevates, depresses,retracts, rotates andfixes scapula; extendsneck

    Accessory Nerve and Cervical Plexus
  2. Latissimus Dorsi
    Thoracolumbar Fascia (T7-L5, Sacrum and Iliac Crest

    Medial Crest of Intertubercular groove

    Adducts and medially rotates arm and extends shoulder

    Thoracodorsal(brachial plexus)
  3. Rhomboideus Major

    Medial border ofscapula

    Retracts, rotates and fixes scapula

    Dorsal Scapular
  4. Rhomboideus Minor

    Medial Border of Scapula

    Retracts, rotates and fixes scapula

    Dorsal Scapular Nerve
  5. Levator Scapula 

    Superior angle of Scapula

    Elevates, retracts and rotates scapula and laterally flexes neck

    Dorsal Scapular Nerve
  6. Serratus Posterior Superior
    Lower portion of ligamentum nuchae, spinous process of C7, T1-T3

    Upper border of 2nd-4th or 5th ribs

    Elevate ribs during inspiration 

    First four intercostal nerves
  7. Serratus Posterior Inferior
    Spinous process of T11-L2

    Lower border of 10th 11th and 12th ribs

    Depresses ribs during inspiration and prevents them from being pulled up by the action of the diaphragm

    Last four intercostal nerves
  8. Splenius Capitis
    Splenius Cervicis
    Nuchal Ligament and Spinous process of C7-T3 or T4

    Mastiod process and lateral third of superior nuchal line.  Transverse process of C1-C3

    Laterally Bend and rotate head, extend neck and head

    Dorsal rami of spinal nerves
  9. Deep Back Muscles 
    Just the names
    • Iliocostalis 
    • Longissimus 
    • Spinalis 
  10. Semispinalis Thoracis/Cervacis/Capitis
    pg 488
  11. Multifidi
    Bends or laterally flexes the vertebral column and rotates it 

    Dorsal rami of spinal nerves
  12. Rotators 
    Extends vertebral column and bends it toward the opposite side.
  13. Obliquus Capitis Inferior
    Apex of spinous process of axis

    Inferior and dorsal part of the transverse process of atlas

    Rotates the atlas and turns head toward the same side

    Suboccipital nerve dorsal rami C1
  14. Obliquus Capitis Superior
    Upper surface of transverse processes of atlas 

    Between superior and inferior nuchal line 

    Extends head and rotates to the same side

    Subocciptial nerve dorsal rami C1
  15. Rectus Capitis Posterior Major
    Spinous process of axis

    Lateral part of inferior nuchal line

    Extends head and rotates to same side

    Suboccipital nerve dorsal rami C1
  16. Rectus Captitis Posterior Minor
    Tubercle of posterior arch of atlas

    Medial part of inferior nuchal line 

    Extends head

    Suboccipital nerve dorsal rami C1
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