Unit 6 Vocab

  1. acclaim
    • n. praise; approval
    • v. to greet with loud approval
  2. accommodate
    to adjust or adapt to something; to do a favor for; to have space for
  3. admirably
    in a manner that deserves praise
  4. apprehend
    to capture or arrest, to understand
  5. attribute
    • n. characteristic or quality of a person or thing
    • v. to think of as belonging to or resulting from a person or thing
  6. competence
    ability; fitness
  7. depth
    intensity; profoundness
  8. efficiency
    the ability to produce to produce a desired effect with the least effort or waste
  9. enthusiastic
    having intense interest
  10. finesse
    the ability to handle difficult situations smoothly and skillfully
  11. gratitude
  12. mortal
    • human being
    • deadly
  13. provision
    something provided for the future
  14. reproach
    • v. to accuse of a fault; to scold; to reprimand
    • n. shame
  15. scrupulously
    in a conscientious and honest manner
  16. sophisticated
    worldly; not simple; complex
  17. sufficient
    as much as is needed
  18. tact
    skill in dealing with people
  19. unmercifully
  20. virtually
    for all practical purposes; almost completely
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