Human Sexuality Test 3

  1. Film: Sex Mania
    Film about a group of people individually discussing their sexual addictions; one man spoke about how he left drugs and alcohol and that those things were easy when you compare them with sex addiction

    Another spoke about the thrill of meeting someone and then after a few month having the need to find someone else because the thrill part of what makes the addiction so powerful comes back
  2. Core beliefs of a sex addict
    • Some experts argue that when children are growing up, they
    • develop "core beliefs" through the way that their family functions
    • and treats them. A child brought up with proper care has probabilities of
    • growing up well, having faith in other people, and having self worth. On the other hand, a child who is neglected will develop unhealthy and negative core beliefs. They grow up to believe that people in the world do not care about them. Later in life, the person has trouble keeping stable relationships and feels isolated. Generally, addicts do not perceive themselves as worthwhile human beings. They cope with these feelings of isolation and weakness by engaging in excessive sex.

    • I am basically a bad, unworthy person
    • No one would love me if they really knew me
    • My needs are never going to be met if I have to depend
    • on others
    • Sex is my most important need; if I don’t act out, I’ll
    • die
  3. What are the cycles of addiction (there are four)
    1. A preoccupation with thoughts about sex

    • 2. Ritualization of preparation for sex
    • (Such as primping oneself and going to bars)

    • 3. Compulsive sexual behavior over which the
    • addict feels he or she has no control;

    • 4. Despair afterwards as the realization
    • hits that she has again repeated the destructive sequence of events.
  4. Why is internet sex so addictive?
    1. Accessibility

    2. Anonymity

    3. Affordability
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