Spanish 1

  1. Translate "The Book"
    El libro
  2. When is "el" used
    when your referring to the subject, ex the book/ el libro
  3. When is (e'l) used?
    When used as a subject pronoun, ex He is young/ E'l es joven
  4. Tranlate "He is smart"
    E'l es inteligente
  5. When is tu used?
    When referring to a to a subject showing posseion. What is your name/ Cual es tu nombre
  6. When is tu' used?
    When used as a pronoun, ex You are pretty/ Tu' eres bonita
  7. What does "De dónde eres" mean?
    Where are you from?
  8. What does "A dónde" mean?
    Where to
  9. What does "Dónde" mean?
    Where at?
  10. What does "Qué" mean?
  11. What does "A qué" mean?
    At what?
  12. What does "Por qué" mean?
    Why? "question"
  13. What does "Porqué" mean?
  14. How  many ways are their to ask a question?
    Two 1) requesting info "que es tu nombre" and 2) yes or no question "vas a venir= Si voy"
  15. Conjugate "SER"
  16. whats a pronoun?
  17. whats a verb?
  18. whats a adjective
  19. What is a adverb
  20. whats is a subject article
  21. What is conjugation
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