1. What are some reasons to override your procedure log?
  2. What waste log will you use for the leftover flour mixture used to coat chicken for frying?
  3. What waste log will you use for the leftover gravy at the end of a meal?
  4. Where should you file the waste log?
  5. Why is it important that the cashiers not use the miscellaneous key?
  6. What database does the AFFRS maintain?
  7. How many categories are in each section of the AFFRS?
  8. Before you print a recipe, what should you do to help the chef preparing the item?
  9. What information for the POS does the CFS track?
  10. What paperless system is the only one of its kind within the DOD food system?
  11. How do you determine a working factor?
  12. What are some examples of the differences between a weight and a measure?
  13. How many pints equal 1 gallon?
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