Human Sexuality Test 3

  1. Lover's Steeple, Sensate Focus, (Rhea and Gary Video)
    Sensate Focus: The primarily psychological treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) includes systematic desensitization and sex therapy that includes education, sensate focus and communication training.

    Love's Steeple: Lover's Steeple is an intimate time sharing exercise that can be used in conjunction with sensate focus where both partners touch their hands creating what appears to be a steeple all while they look at each other without saying a word. Some research suggest that the parties can make a much deeper connection if they look at the left eye of the other person
  2. How to ask questions; why yes and no questions aren't great, and alternatives?
    The yes and no questions are not good because it gives the person the opportunity to simply answer the question asked and minimizes the a problem or concern any further.
  3. How to make request.
    For starters, in order to be able to make request you need to have self-disclosure, because it lets your partner know what is wrong and how you feel about it, and it enables you to ask for a specific change. You can compliment the person for doing a specific thing (praise) and then suggest for them to try something else, something you like
  4. Why asking why questions are doomed to fail
    Because the person can simply say because i said so or because i can
  5. How to say no to sex in an intimate relationship (the "no sandwich")
    • 1. you say something nice; for example. wow! that's so great you feel that way about me
    • 2.Second, you say no; for example, i'm so sorry but that is just not possible tonight.
    • 3. Third, you say something nice; For example, but tomorrow i will have all the time in the world to do that, perhaps we can do it then
  6. What is the power of policy?
    If it is policy than it cannot be ignored. Policy has a sense of unbending law or regulation, something official that must not be violated; leaving little room for maybe. It is definitive.
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