SAT 1-5

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  1. disburse 
    v. to pay out money 
  2. disdain 
    n. a feeling of contempt 
  3. disperse 
    v. to scatter in different directions 
  4. drowsy 
    adj. sleepy; sluggish 
  5. fanfare 
    n. a showy public display 
  6. filibuster 
    v. to use a prolonged speech to delay legislative action; n. a speech that delays legislative action 
  7. forthright 
    adj. direct and without evasion; honest 
  8. frond 
    n. a large leaf, esp. of a fern, palm, etc. 
  9. gossamer 
    adj. light, thin, airy 
  10. habitat
    n. a place where a person or thing is ordinarily found 
  11. haughty 
    adj. stuck-up; arrogant; snobbish 
  12. ingratiate 
    v. to bring oneself into another's favor or good  graces by conscious effect 
  13. inspire 
    v. to have an animating effect upon; influence or impel 
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