1. The text notes that Sempo Sugihara's helping efforts toward thousands of European Jews could be attributed to
    an expanded sense of "we."
  2. According to your text, fund-raisers have discovered that people are more willing to help victims of a disorder if
    they know someone afflicted with it.
  3. People are especially likely to come to the aid of a relative (as compared to a non-relative) when
    the other's need is severe.
  4. In one study, researchers pumped smoke through a vent into a laboratory where participants were filling out a questionnaire. When only one person was present, he almost always left the room to seek help, but when more than one person was present, someone went for help only occasionally. The explanation given by the experimenters for this phenomenon was
    pluralistic ignorance.
  5. In a study by Shotland and Straw (1976), participants were exposed to a staged fight between man and a woman. The results of the study demonstrated that participants were relatively unlikely to help the woman when they believed that the man was
    her husband.
  6. The phenomenon of pluralistic ignorance occurs because bystanders are perceived as a source of
    information about whether helping is required.
  7. After completing a biographical questionnaire, watching themselves on closed-circuit TV, or looking at themselves in a mirror, people are more likely to help because these activities
    focus people internally, on their personal value of helping.
  8. Which of the following statements is the best interpretation of the reasons underlying the potlatch ceremony that occurs in Melanesian and Native American cultures, in which a person hosts a party and gives away enormous quantities of goods, sometimes even going into debt?
    The host gains social status because he is able to expend such vast amounts on others
  9. According to the arousal/cost-reward model, all but which of the following make an observer MORE likely to help in an emergency?
    The emergency situation is a familiar one.
  10. Support for the mood management hypothesis comes from evidence that after donating to charities, donors
    felt better.
  11. According to Batson's pure altruism model, altruism is enhanced by
  12. According to the negative state relief model, helping can be a mood-enhancing process because individuals
    associate positive experiences with helping through conditioning in the past.
  13. Which of the following statements best describes sex differences in helping?
    Men help strangers more in emergency situations; women help personal friends more.
  14. Studies on labeling effects have shown that children are more likely to donate toys anonymously to other children when the researchers
    told the children that they were kind and helpful.
  15. Members of Far Eastern cultures are more likely to help others than members of Western cultures
  16. Surprisingly, people who have strong personal norms about actions such as giving blood or recycling are no more likely to engage in these behaviors than people who lack such personal norms.
  17. According to national surveys, people who rate themselves as highly committed to their spiritual beliefs are more than twice as likely to volunteer their time to help the needy
  18. Prosocial labels only work on children, not adults.
  19. Helpers, compared to those who don't help as often, tend to be more healthy and live longer.
  20. Individuals with a restricted sociosexual orientation experience more guilt over sex.
  21. People with a high exchange orientation tend to be happier in their relationships than people with a high communal orientation.
  22. People who are physiologically aroused increase their attraction for an attractive member of the opposite sex even when it is made clear to them that their arousal is not due to that person.
  23. Asking romantic partners to focus on all the external benefits they receive from their partners can lead to an increase in feelings of love
  24. Males in over 95% of mammalian species contribute to the care of the young.
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