Reconstruction overview

  1. Lincoln's 10% plan
    Oath of loyalty, high ranking officials excluded, general amnesty granted
  2. Johnson's reconstruction plan
    pardons granted with loyalty oath, abolishment of slavery required, bu did not advocate for rights, special required for high ranking officials and property owner, state required to repeal secession
  3. Radical republican reconstuction plan
    Democratize south establish public education, ensure rights, land confiscation and redistribution, abolishment of slavery and exclude south from union for several years until goals were achieved
  4. carpetbaggers
    Northerners relocating to south to take advantage of war-torn region
  5. scalawags
    southerns who support Reconstruction and republican party
  6. Radical republicans
    advocated for abolishment of slavery, civil rights and limited rights of former confederates
  7. northern democrats
    supported limited federal role and denounced racial equality 
  8. Southern democrats
    Pro-slavery southerners not in support of federal intervention post-war
  9. Liberal republicans
    did not support federal intervention in the south and focused on eliminating corruption and high tariffs 
  10. Freedman's Bureau
    federal agency with goal of aiding former slaves (education, food, housing, health care)
  11. KKK
    former confederates who drive out union troops, carpetbaggers and slowed black progress using imitation and violence
  12. sharecroppers
    relationship between  plantation owners and former slaves. The landowner allows the tenant to use the land in return for a fixed amount of crop per unit of land
  13. tenant farmers
    tenant pays rent for the land they farm
  14. Debt peonage
    when tenant does not make enough money to  meet their financial obligations
  15. Black codes
    southern politicians pass laws limiting rights of freedmen. (observe curfew, live in housing provided by landowner, exclusion from state-schools and orphanages)
  16. literacy tests
    whites exempt form examination, Immigrants and blacks must pass to vote
  17. Poll taxes
    one time fee meant to raise funds to pay for civil war and disenfranchise the poor and blacks
  18. 13th amendment
    Eliminated slavery and gave congress power to enforce this legislation.
  19. 14th amendment 
    citizenship granted to all born or naturalized. state cannot take life, liberty or property.Confederate debt null and void, confederate officials barred from public office.
  20. 15th amendment
    Forbade state to deny right to vote based race, color or previous condition
  21. reconstruction acts
    1867: Southern states readmitted to Union  military districts established in south to oversee reconstruction
  22. Civil rights act
    Guaranteed black people equal accomindations as whites
  23. Compromise of 1877
    ended federal reconstructions democrats and republicans strike deal. Democrats Rutherford B Hayes elected as president in exchange for the removal of federal troops in the south (supported by republicans)
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