Nature vs. Nurture

  1. What is Nature vs. Nurture?
    The controversy over the relative contribution of biology and experience.
  2. What scientific view made by Charles Darwin supported the nature view?
    Charles Darwin's Natural Selection Theory
  3. In contemporary science the nature-nurture issue tension dissolves into...
    nurture works what nature endows
  4. Give an example of nature works what nature endows.
    Depression can be both a brain disorder and a thought disorder.
  5. What kind of people are ideal for nature-nurture experiments?
    Identical twins
  6. Those who adopt an extreme heredity position are known as...
  7. What do nativists believe?
    Their basic assumption is that the characteristics of the human species as a  whole are a product of evolution and that  individual differences are due to each person’s unique genetic code. 
  8. What do empiricists believe in?
    Their basic assumption is that at birth the human mind is a tabula  rasa (a blank slate) and that this is gradually “filled” as a result of  experience (e.g. behaviorism).
  9. What is Humanism?
    the perspective that emphasizes the growth potential of healthy people and the individual's potential for personal growth
  10. Where does Humanism stand on the debate?
    Maslow empathized basic physical needs. Society influences a person's self concept. It is near nurture.
  11. Psychoanalysis
    how the unconscious drives and conflicts influence behavior
  12. Where does psychoanalysis stand on the debate?
    The innate drives of sex and aggression (nature). The social upbringing during childhood(nurture)
  13. What is cognitive psychology?
    the scientific study of all the mental activities associated with thinking, knowing, remembering, and communicating
  14. Where does cognitive psychology stand on the debate?
    Innate mental structures such as schemas, perception and memory and constantly changed by the environment.
  15. Developmental Psychology
    the scientific study of physical, cognitive and social change throughout the life span.
  16. What is the developmental view on the debate?
    The environment switches genes on or off. Theses two things must be looked at together. There are genetic inclinations.
  17. Evolutionary Psychology
    the study of the roots of behavior and mental processes using the principle of natural selection
  18. What is the evolutionary view on the debate?
    largely focuses on nature.
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