D9: World War II & Cold War

  1. Actors accused of being communist; they didnt cooperate with the investigation committee and refused to name others
    Hollywood Ten
  2. Was established during the red scare and began to heavily investigate the movie industry for communists
    House Un-American Activities Committee
  3. The House of Un-American Activities Committee was created to heavily investigate the movie industry for communists
    the Red Scare again
  4. begins between the US and USSR over weapons
    Arms Race
  5. No nuclear weapons used
    "Limited war" policy
  6. North Korea pused UN forces to Pusan
    MacArthur led an attack at Inchon
    UN troops get to Seoul, SK by Sept. 1950
    Korea War
  7. General assembly...made up of all members of the UN
    Security Counil...Permanent members(5)
    One security council member can veto a UN idea
    United Nations
  8. Many Nazi put in prison aand others sentenced to death
    Japan was put under the control of McArthur who helped rebuild Japan's economy and government
    Germany was divided into 4 zones
    Nuremberg War Trials
  9. Aug. 15, 1945
    the day after Japan surrendered
    V-J Day
  10. Dropsite of the 2nd atomic bomb
  11. the plane that droped the first atomic bomb
    Enola Gay
  12. drop site of teh first atomic bomb
  13. Big 3 meet
    Truman was told that the US had an atomic weapon
    Truman told Japan to surrender or face prompt and utter destruction
    Also called for war crime trials after the war
    Postdam Conference
  14. led the scientists in charge of testing the atomic weapon
    Robert J. Oppenheimer
  15. code name under which the US was developing an atomic weapon
    Manhattan Project
    The Big Three
  17. meeting of the big 3
    USSR would enter the war against Japan 2 months after Germany was defeated
    Poland would have free elections and serve as a buffer between Germany and USSR
    agreed to divide Germany after the war
    Feb. 1945-Yalta Conference
  18. Costly victory; shows possible high casualties of an invasion of Japan
    April-June 1945: Okinawa
  19. Invaded as a base for US heavy bombers
    Feb-March 1945: Iwo Jima
  20. Led US Navy in the central pacific
    Involved in major battles to push to Japan (Island Hopping)
    Admiral Chester Nimitz
  21. Suicide Planes
  22. The US re-takes the Philippines
    Oct. 1944- Battle of Leyte Gulf
  23. May 7, 1945
    the end of Germany
    V-E Day
  24. Battle in Aachen; the first German city taken
    Germany broke through the American lines
    last major German Attack
    German loss
    Dec. 1944-Jan. 1945: Battle of the Bulge
  25. FDR won a 4th term because the war was going well
    his new VP was Harry S. Truman
    1944 election
  26. Led invasions in Africa and France
    pushed deep into Germany after D-Day
    tank commander
    Gernaral George S. Patton
  27. June 6. 1944: Invasion of Normandy, France
    Operation Overload
  28. Eisenhower led the Allies
    Largest amphibious invasion in history
    Nicknamed "the longest day"
    Jund 6, 1944-Normandy
  29. Big 3 meet wanted a two front war with Germany
    agreed to a partition of post war Germany
    Teheran Conference, Nov. 1943
  30. the weakest place to attack Europe
    Underbelly of Europe (Sicily)/2nd Front
  31. Churchill and FDR meet in French Morocco and agreed to invade Sicily and insists on unconditional surrender
    Casablanca Conference, Jan. 1943
  32. Germany suffered a major defeat that led to the loss of North Africa
    El Alamein
  33. the invasion was called operation Torch
    Led by Dwight D. Eisenhower in Oct. 1942
    North Africa
  34. Taking over one island at a time to get closer airstripes to invade Japan
    Island Hopping Campaign
  35. Invaded by US
    Used as an airstrip: toehold to attack Japan
  36. Led by Admiral Nimitz
    Worst defeat for Japan
    Turning point of the Pacific Theater
    June 1942-Midway
  37. No ship to ship contact
    All done with planes
    May 1942-Coral Sea
  38. Led US soldiers over 50 miles away to a POW camp
    Bataan Death March
  39. Stated Douglas MacArthur when he left his troops in the Philippines
    "I shall return"
  40. Led the American troops during invasion by Japan in 1942
    Philippines/Douglas MacArthur
  41. Newsreel
    Airdrops-dropping notes on the enemy
  42. Woman's Army Corps
  43. Worked in Factories and took the place of men in other places judt like in WWI
    Women/Rosie the Riveter
  44. Increased output
  45. Used in WWII
    Meatless Monday
    Wheatless Wendnesday
    Ration Books
    Victory Gardens
    Gas Rationing
  46. Organized scrap drives for paper, rags, cooking fat, tin, and rubber
    War Production Board
  47. Supreme Court said interment camps were legal during war
    some claimed it violated teh 5th amendment
    Korematsu V. US 1944
  48. Prison Camps for possible threats to national security
    Internment camps
  49. The Japanese who volunteered to fight were formed into one battalion and became the most decorated in Europe
  50. Had to keep Hitler from controlling all of Europe
    Defeat Germany First
  51. Japan attacks Pearl Harbor
    Dec. 7, 1941-Pearl Harbor
  52. Japan did not receive trade from the US because they invaded China
    Economic Boycott
  53. Peace Paln for after the war and set up for the United Nations
    Aug. 1941-Atlantic Charter
  54. Speech
    Freedom from want
    Freedom from Fear
    Four Freedoms, Jan. 1941
  55. The turning point of the European theater
  56. Hitler invaded the Soviet Union
    June 1941-USSR
  57. We will lend the Allies supplies and get them back later
    Lend Lease Plan
  58. Built in Eastern Europe, Esp. Poland
    Death Camps
  59. The extermination of teh Jewish race
    Final Solution
  60. Took away Jewish political rights
    Segregation (ghettos)
    Permits to travel
    Id patches
    1935-Nuremberg laws
    Axis Powers
  62. Used by the British in 1940 during the Battle of Britain
  63. British fought back with the aid of a new invition: radar
    1949-Battle of Britain
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