Social Studies FINAL

  1. inolerable acts
    -tea acts & etc. British used to call them the corresive acts
  2. Christopher Columbus
    -1492 he sailed the ocean blue, Sailed from Spain. Queen-spread christianity, king-land&money&gold
  3. Amerigo Vespucci
    -named America after him, impressed with his accounts of land, mapmaker
  4. Proclamation of 1763
    -Applachian Mts. was the western border, for the natives to be able to settle to the west, away from the colonists
  5. Albany Plan
    -Ben Franklin proposed-its one general government for the colonies
  6. Great Awakening
    -a movement of religion
  7. Jamestown
    first permament & successful colony in America
  8. Middle Passage
    -middle leg of the triangular trade route, carrying slaves
  9. Roanoke
    -lost colony of Roanoke, John White leads Roanoke to the island, comes back years later and everyone is vanished--side note: croatan in the tree.
  10. Seven Years War/French&Indian War
    French&Indians vs Americans&British
  11. Treaty of Paris
    -ended the revolutionary war
  12. July 4, 1776
    -Declaration of Independence was signed!
  13. Oregon Trail
    -trail to Oregon, it was to Expand America, known as the Oregon Trail-because we bought the Lousiana Purchase
  14. Indian Removal Act
    relocated Indians west of the Mississippi River--Trail of Tears
  15. Delaware River
    -the Icey Delaware River! George Washington & troops surprised attached the Hessians on x-mas day
  16. Spoils System
    President gives out government jobs to political leaders--his choosing
  17. Marquis de Lafayette
    -french volunteer, came over to help with the Revolutionary War, &friend of George Washington
  18. Battle of Yorktown
    -last major battle of the Civil War
  19. Monroe Doctrine
    -Pres. James Monroe made this so we wouldn't get involved with European warfare or help them
  20. Missouri Compromise
    -Maine admitted as a free state & Missouri as a slave state, to keep the Union&Confederacy equally balanced
  21. Articles of Confederation
    -form of government that they wrote up BEFORE THE CONSTITUTION, it was too weak so then they wrote the Constitution.
  22. Bill of Rights
    -first 10 amendements of the Constitution
  23. Federalism
    sharing government between central & state governments
  24. Era of Good Feelings
    after 1812, everyone stopped arguing about political parties or their views
  25. Francis Scott Key
    british detainee, wrote THE poem that later became our National Anthem
  26. Sacagawea
    -Native American, Shoshonee women that helped Lewis&Clark on their expedition to the Pacific Ocean
  27. Manifest Destiny
    -we were "destined" to expand westward. John O' Sullivan[:
  28. Lousiana Purchase
    -Thomas Jefferson bought this & doubled the size of the U.S
  29. Irish
    -came to the U.S cause of the potato famine
  30. Gadson Purchase
    -Arizona, New Mexico, + Parts of California. Last major purchase of the U.S
  31. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  32. Reconstruction
    period after the Civil War
  33. German
    largest immigrant group because there government was having a revolution
  34. Ten Cent Plan
    10% of a state swears to the Union then that state can apply to re-enter into the Union
  35. Freedman Bureau
    GROUP helped African Americans adjust to freedom; big living difference
  36. Amnesty
    to be pardoned;from a crime, or anything.
  37. Civil Rights Act
    full citizenship to Blacks
  38. Stamp Act
    tax on all imprinted goods
  39. Sugar Act
    tax placed on sugar,molasses,etc.
  40. Boston Tea Party
    342 boxes of tea were dumped into the Boston Harbor, a revolt against Britain
  41. Loyalist
    LOYAL to the King of England--Britain
  42. Patriots
    supported the American cause
  43. Benedict Arnold
    -patriot--->loyalist, TRAITOR for passing of American plans in battle to Britain
  44. Legislative Branch
    makes laws
  45. Executive Branch
    carries out laws..i.e..executive carries a brief case
  46. Thomas Jefferson
    belonged to the Democratic-Republican Party
  47. Nationalism
    strong feelings towards your nation
  48. Sectionalism
    Strong feelings towards your region or section
  49. Industrial Revolution
    began in England, used machines to replace hands
  50. Eli Whitney
    -cotton gin&interchangeable parts*
  51. National Road
    in the U.S...road going EAST to WEST, easy transportation
  52. Trail of Tears
    - a lot of cherokee died, had to move along the Trail of Tears because of the Indian Removal Act
  53. Battle of the Alamo
    small battle in Texas, fighting for their Independence
  54. 54th Massachutes
    most famous African American regiment in the Civil War
  55. Emancipation Proclamation
    Lincoln passed to free slaves in the South
  56. Virginia Plan
    for larger states they wanted more reprensatives in congress
  57. New Jersey Plan
    they wanted equal amount of people in Congress no matter what the size of the state, everyone's equal
  58. Frederich von Stueben
    trained us how to use baenets--spear rifles
  59. Thomas Paine
    wrote Common Sense, to tell people what rights of life they're missing out on
  60. Crispus Attucks
    during the boston massacre, he was an innocent black bistandard who got killed
  61. William Dawes
    -he rode with Paul Revere!
  62. Jay's Treaty
    John Jay...treaty between U.S & Great got us 10 years of peaceful trade & of navigation and etc.
  63. Pinckney's Treaty
    U.S's Thomas Pinckney...between Spain&U.S defined the boundaries of the U.S w/ spanish colonies & guarenteed the U.S full rights of navigation on the Mississippi River
  64. XYZ Affair
    three french agents x,y,&z DEMANDED $100 million
  65. Alien & Sedition Acts
    John Adams passed them, 4 acts, summary: they stated the President could take out alien immigrants, and you can't say anything bad about the governemnt in writing, false, or scandalous
  66. Battle of Gettysburg
    pretty much determined the fate of the Civil War
  67. Battle of Antietam
    23,000 casualties bloodiest single-battle in American History,first major battle in the civil war to take place on northern soil, in Maryland
  68. Appomattox Courthouse
    place where something happened during the civil war
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