World of Work: Bad Habits on the Job (Class Notes Jan-30-13)

  1. Being Late
    If a job has a flexible schedule (aka "leeway") some people take advantage and don't follow a set schedule. They might arrive late and leave early etc.  
  2. Inappropriate attire
    Coming to work in jeans or sneakers, showing too much cleavage etc. 
  3. Language
    Cursing, slang 
  4. Informality
    • Always be respectful to boss even if close to your own age. 
    • Always be formal no matter how casual the boss may act with you. 
  5. Intellectual Integrity
    No plagiarism etc. 
  6. Flexibility in workplace
    Be willing and able to adapt to a variety of tasks. Don't get too used to or comfortable to any one task. 
  7. Bad mouthing
    Don't bad mouth no matter how much you may hate your boss/ co-workers. You need them for networking, references, letters of recommendation, etc. 
  8. Mingling
    Don't be too stand-offish. If they like to mingle every now and then, tag along too or else they may feel offended. 
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World of Work: Bad Habits on the Job (Class Notes Jan-30-13)
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