Kin 345- Recruiting and Staffing

  1. Success is dependent on what? 
    employee performance
  2. 3 reasons to keep good employees
    • success is dependent on employee performance
    • increase employee turnover= increase member turnover
    • managers effectiveness is increased with effective long term workers
  3. Staffing the facility
    • job audit
    • complete job analysis
    • write qualifications and expectations
    • determine compensation
  4. Job audit
    • determines type of positions needed
    • determines number of employees needed
    • create new position when needed
    • evaluate staffing needs over time
  5. considerations during job audit
    • full vs. partime vs. contracted
    • turnover rate
    • cost vs. benefit of position
  6. Job analysis
    • determine tasks to be assigned
    • establish expectations
    • determine physical requirements
    • identify relationship to organization
  7. how to complete a job analysis
    • incumbent interview
    • observation
    • input from management and staff
  8. Job qualifications and expectations should include
    • education
    • experience
    • certifications
    • intangible characteristics
    • performance expectations
  9. How do you decide how much to pay? 
    • look at benchmarks in the industry
    • look at similar jobs
    • compare to competitive clubs
    • compare to jobs within organization
    • future trends
    • availability of labor
  10. Wage position
    your compensation in comparison to the market- high, average, low
  11. Forms of compensation
    • salary, hourly, or contract
    • benefits
    • exemption status (overtime)
    • advancement opportunities
  12. Components of job description
    • position description 
    • qualifications
    • salary range or minimum
    • descripiton of physical salary demands
    • descriptions of work environment
  13. title VII
    Unlawful to discriminate due to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin
  14. Age Discrimination employment act (ADEA)
    to prohibit age discrimination in employment effects 40+ individuals
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