1. Organization
    system of consciously coordinated activities of two or more people
  2. Organizational Behavior
    interdisciplinary field dedicated to better understanding and managing people at work
  3. Theory Y
    McGregor's modern and positive assumptions about employees being responsible and creative (capable of self direction, etc.)
  4. TQM
    an organizational culture dedicated to training, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction
  5. E-business
    running the entire business via the internet and managing virtual teams
  6. Human Capital
    the productive potential of one's knowledge and actions  (creativity,enthusiasm,intelligence,etc.)
  7. Social Capital
    the productive potential of strong, trusting, and cooperative relationships. (shared visions, values, trust, etc)
  8. Management
    Process of working with and through others to achieve organizational objectives, efficiently and ethically, amid constant change.
  9. Contingency Approach
    using management tools and techniques in a situationally appropriate manner; avoiding the one-best-way mentality
  10. Ethics
    study of moral issues and choices (right vs wrong, good vs bad)
  11. Corporate Social Responsibility
    corporations are expected to go above and beyond following the law and making a profit. (do whats right for stakeholders)
  12. Whistle Blowing
    reporting unethical/illegal acts to outside third parties
  13. Morally Attentive
    Faithfully considering the ethical implications of one's actions
  14. Meta-Analysis
    Pools the results of many studies through statistical procedure
  15. Field Study
    examination of variables in real life settings
  16. Laboratory Study
    manipulation and measurement of variables in contrived situations
  17. Sample Survey
    questionnaire responses from a sample of people
  18. Case Study
    in-depth study of a single person, group, or organization
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