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  1. Safe and sound:
    Safe. Unharmed. ex. "It was a rough trip but we got there safe and sound."
  2. (To) save money for a rainy day:
    To reserve something for some future need. ex. "I've saved a little money for a rainy day."
  3. (To) save the day:
    To produce good results when bad results are expected. ex. "Colin saved the day by remembering to bring the map."
  4. (A) score to settle:
    To get even. To pay someone back for something negative that they did. ex. "Don't stop me. I have a score to settle with him."
  5. (To) scratch the surface:
    To begin finding out about something.
  6. Second nature (to someone):
    Easy and natural. "Scoring goals is second nature to him."
  7. (To) see eye to eye on something:
    To have a similar opinion on something. ex. "Despite their differences, the two candidates in fact see eye to eye on most issues."
  8. (To) see fit:
    To deem, believe to be appropriate. ex. "You can do that any way you see fit."
  9. (To) see the writing on the wall:
    To see that something is going to happen.
  10. (To) serve someone right:
    To serve as appropriate punishment for someone. ex. "They put him in jail for 5 years? Serves him right!"
  11. (To) set foot somewhere:
    To go or enter somewhere. ex. "If I were you I wouldn't set foot in that town."
  12. (To) set one's sights on something:
    To select something as one's goal.
  13. (A) shot in the arm:
    A boost. "The good financial news was a real shot in the arm for Steve's company."
  14. (To) sit on one's hands
    To do nothing.
  15. (To) sit tight:
    To wait (patiently). ex. "Sit tight, your mother will be here soon."
  16. Skeleton(s) in the closet:
    A shocking/ disturbing secret.
  17. (To) sleep on something:
    To think about something overnight. ex. "I'm not sure if I want to buy this car. I think I should sleep on it."
  18. (To) stand up for something:
    To fight for, support. ex. "The elected official promised to stand up for the poor."
  19. (To) stir up trouble:
    To cause trouble ex. "Sometimes I think she gets great pleasure from stirring up trouble."
  20. Sucker:
    A gullible person or someone who is easily impressed by something ( eg. "a sucker for gadgets" = someone who is easily impressed by gadgets)
  21. Suit yourself:
    Have it your way; As you wish; "I wouldn't walk around that neighborhood at night, but if you really want to, suit yourself."
  22. (To) swallow something hook, line, and sinker:
    To believe something (usually a lie) completely. "Margaret told him a flat-out ( = complete and utter) lie and he swallowed it hook line and sinker."
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