1. (To) make a beeline for:
    To head directly to. ex. "Whenever he comes into the cafeteria, he makes a beeline for the fried shrimp."
  2. (To) make a bundle:
    To make a lot of money (one time). "I made a bundle when I sold my Microsoft stock last month."
  3. (To) make a long story short:
    To bring a story to an end; To sum things up.
  4. (To) make a pass at someone:
    To make romantic advances. To "hit on". ex. "Karl was fired because he made a pass at his co-worker Fiona."
  5. (To) make believe:
    To pretend. ex. "When your friends come, let's make believe ( = pretend) we don't know each other."
  6. (To) make ends meet:
    To have enough money to pay one's basic expenses; to just to get by. "This town is so expensive that it's hard to make ends meet sometimes."
  7. (To) make good money:
    To make a lot of money (regularly). ex. "Shawm doesn't like his job, but he makes good money."
  8. (To) make light of something:
    To treat something as if it were trivial or unimportant. ex. "Don't make light of the situation - it's more serious than you think."
  9. (To) make life miserable for someone:
    To cause someone lots of problems. ex. "Patricia's boss is making life miserable for her."
  10. (To) make up one's mind:
    To make a decision. ex. "I've made up my mind - I'm moving to Costa Rica."
  11. (To) make oneself at home:
    To feel as comfortable as one would being at home. "During your visit just make yourself at home."
  12. (To) make someone's head spin:
    To make someone dizzy or disoriented. ex. "All that alcohol made my head spin."
  13. (To) make something from scratch:
    To make something by starting with the basic ingredients. ex. "Did you bake that cake? No, I made it from scratch."
  14. (To) meet someone halfway:
    To compromise with someone. ex. "They settled the argument by deciding to meet each other halfway."
  15. (To) mention something in passing:
    To mention something casually.
  16. (The) middle of nowhere:
    A very isolated place. "Our car broke down in the middle of nowhere. The nearest town was 100 miles away!"
  17. (To) mind one's own business:
    Not to interfere/ get involved in the business of others. "Sometimes it's best to mind your own business."
  18. Money talks:
    Having money helps one get things done.
  19. (There's) more than meets the eye:
    More complicated/more interesting. "There's more than meets the eye when it comes to Maria = Maria is more interesting (or complicated, depending on the context) than she appears."
  20. (To) move up in the world:
    To increase one's standing socially, etc. To become successful.
  21. (A) must:
    Necessary. "In Los Angeles, having a car is a must."
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