1. (To) keep a low profile:
    To lay low. To not attract attention to oneself by talking loudly, dressing in flashy clothes, causing trouble, etc. ex. "The bank robbers knew that they had to keep a low profile until they crossed the border."
  2. (To) keep an eye on:
    To watch. To pay attention to. ex. "I have to go to the store. Can you please keep an eye on the baby for 10 minutes?"
  3. (To) keep a straight face:
    To force oneself not to laugh, even though one wants to. ex. "He was saying the stupidest things, and I was finding it hard to keep a straight face."
  4. (To) keep one's cool:
    To remain calm.
  5. (To) keep one's word:
    To uphold one's promise. ex. "He's a very honorable person who always keeps his word."
  6. (To) keep someone posted:
    To keep someone informed.
  7. (To) keep someone up:
    To not allow someone to sleep. ex. "The neighbors' party kept me up all night."
  8. (To) keep something to oneself:
    To not let others know about something. To not reveal something. ex. "Hey, don't tell anyone about your time in prison. Keep it to yourself."
  9. (To) keep track of:
    To maintain a record of. ex. "I don't know where all my money goes. It's hard to keep track of my expenses."
  10. (A) kept man/woman:
    Someone who is in a relationship where the other person pays for everything. ex. "Stephen's girlfriend always pays for everything. He's such a kept man."
  11. (To) kick back:
    To relax.
  12. (To) kick oneself:
    To regret.
  13. (To) kill time:
    To waste time.
  14. Knock it off!:
    Stop it!
  15. Knock on wood:
    A phrase said to cancel out (imaginary) bad luck.
  16. (To) know something inside-out:
    To know something completely and thoroughly. ex. "Let me show you around - I know this neighborhood inside-out."
  17. (To) know the score:
    To know the facts. To know how things go.
  18. Know-it-all:
    A person who acts like they know everything. ex. "Robert is so conceited! Yeah, he's a real know-it-all."
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