1. What does Constitution mean?
    a special set of laws that establish a framework of goverance.
  2. What does Labor Union mean ?
    an organization of workers that acts to protect workers rights and interests.
  3. What does Affirm mean?
    to validate and express commitment to something.
  4. What does Collective Identity mean?
    shared identity of a group of people because of a common language and culture.
  5. What does Collective Rights mean?
    rights to specific groups in Canadian society for historical reasons.
  6. What does First Nations mean?
    Aboriginal people who have collective rights that are recognized and protected in Canada's constitution.
  7. What does Indian mean?
    Europeans used "Indians" to describe first nations of north america.
  8. What does Sovereignty mean?
    independence,with right to self-government.
  9. What does Annuity means?
    annual payment,under the numbered treaties.
  10. What does Reverse mean?
    land for the exclusive use of first nations.
  11. What does Entrenching mean?
    fixing within.
  12. What does Patriate mean?
    to bring to a country something that belongs to the country.
  13. What does Asslimate mean?
    becoming apart of a different culture.
  14. What does Ethnocentrism mean?
    belief that one culture is better than another.
  15. What does Indian Act mean?
    federal legislation related to the rights and status of first nations peoples.
  16. What does Anglophone mean?
    English speaking person.
  17. What does Francophone mean?
    French speaking person.
  18. What does Official language community mean?
    1 of the groups in Canadian society whose members speak on official language.
  19. What does Official language minority mean?
    a group that speaks a official language but does not take up much of the population in province.
  20. What does Publicly Funded mean?
    paid for by taxes and provided by government.
  21. What Scrip mean?
    in metis history,a document that could be exchanged for land and was offered to metis.
  22. What does Inheret right mean?
    rights with origins in fundamental justice/
  23. What does Atonomy mean?
    to make decisions.
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