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  1. 1. List the two names of the following flag?Image Upload 1
    Starboard Pennant, Senior Officer Present Afloat (SOPA)
  2. 2. When a Flag Officer is absent from the command for a period of _____ hours his personal flag is hauled down?
    72 hours
  3. 3. From which halyard is the 3rd substitute (third sub) pennant flown?
    A. Starboard yardarm outboard
    B. Port yardarm inboard
    C. Port yardarm outboard
    D. Starboard yardarm inboard
  4. 4. List the two places that a union jack can be displayed?
    • On the jack staff on the bow
    • At a signal yard arm during court-martial
  5. 5. Name the five personal flags of the Coast Guard Flag Officers.
    • Commandant
    • Vice Commandant
    • Vice Admiral
    • Rear Admiral(Upper Half)
    • Rear Admiral (Lower Half)
  6. 6. On a speaker�s platform, the national ensign is displayed on a staff will be positioned on the speaker�s _____ (left/right) side?
  7. 7. Where do you fly the Coast Guard Commissioning Pennant on a cutter with two masts?
    A. Above the Coast Guard Ensign on the fore mast
    B. Above the National Ensign on a pig stick on the main mast
    C. Above the National Ensign on the flag staff
    D. On a pig stick on the foremast.
  8. 8. Who designates where the National Ensign is displayed?
    A. Commanding Officer
    B. Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard
    C. Sector Commander
    D. District Commander
  9. 9. On a cutter that has two masts, what is the name of the forward mast?
    A. forward mast
    B. range mast
    C. fore mast
    D. main mast
  10. 10. On Memorial Day, if no gun salute is rendered, you raise the national ensign at _____ back up to the top of the halyard?
  11. 11. List the five circumstances when a national ensign will be displayed underway.
    • Getting underway or coming to anchor
    • Falling in with other ships Cruising near land During battle
    • As required to answer the dip of another vessel�s ensign
  12. 12. How many steps are there to fold the national ensign?
    A. 4
    B. 5
    C. 6
    D. 7
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