Granting Women the Vote

  1. When did women get the vote?
    Feb 1918

    women over 30 who were householders or married to householders
  2. Intro - historian view?
    • John Ray
    • argues that wome won the vote through gratitude of their war worj
  3. Impact of WW1 - governement wanted to avoid..... explain

    from women who didnt want to return to womens work

    afraid of a revitalised suffragette campaign
  4. what did the Suffragettes succeed in doing?
    winning trust

    winning support of trade unions
  5. Explain anti-suffrage organisations...
    "National League of Opposing Woman's Suffrage"
  6. Advantages of the Suffragette campaign - ONE
    Liberals wouldnt have discussed Universal suffrage before WW1
  7. Changing Attitudes - Acts
    • Infant Custody Act
    • Women's Property Act of 1882
  8. Changing attitudes - women were involved in....
    being a part of town councils, parish councils, school boards....
  9. Countires that had universal suffrage
    • New Zealand
    • Australia
    • Finland
  10. Why was it embarrassing that Britain didnt have universal suffrage?
    Presenting herself as "mother of democracy"
  11. Example of other countries - Russia
    • 1917 Communist Revolution in Russia
    • Desire to strengthen parliamentary democracy
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Granting Women the Vote
Granting Women the Vote