Vocab 9

  1. Abate
    To make less in amount
  2. Adulation
    Praise that is excessive
  3. Anatherna
    An object of intense dislike
  4. Asture
    Shrewd, crafty
  5. Avarice
    A greedy desire, particulary for wealth
  6. Culpable
    Deserving blame
  7. Dilatory
    Tending to delay or procrastinate
  8. Egregious
    Standing out from the mass (in an unfavorable sense)
  9. Equivocate
    To speak or act in a way that allows for more than one interpretation
  10. Evanscent
  11. Irresolute
    Unable to make up one's mind
  12. Nebulous
    Cloudlike, resembling a cloud
  13. Novice
    One who is a beginner at some activity requiring skill and experience
  14. Penury
    Extreme poverty
  15. Pretentious
    Done for show, striving to make a big impression
  16. Recapitulate
    To review a series of facts
  17. Resuscitate
    Bring back to consciousness
  18. Solvenly
    Untidy, dirty
  19. Supposition
    Something that is assumed or taken for granted
  20. Torpid
    Inactive, sluggish, dull
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