Airbus A320

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  1. Maximum speed with landing gear extended (VLE)
    280 kt/M .67
  2. Maximum speed at which the landing gear may be extended (VLO extension)
    250 kt
  3. Maximum speed at which the landing gear may be retracted (VLO retraction)
    220 kt
  4. Maximum altitude at which the landing gear may be extended
    25000 ft.
  5. MAXIMUM TIRE SPEED (Ground Speed)
    195 kt
    230 kt
  7. Max Speed with COCKPIT WINDOW OPEN
    200 kt
  8. Max Taxi speed
    30 kt straight ahead
  9. AIR CONDITIONING WITH HP GROUND UNIT, what should be off before using the ground unit?
    Do not use HP ground unit when APU supplies bleed air to avoid bleed system damage.
  10. Minimum height for use of autopilot on takeoff with SRS mode
    100 ft.
  11. What is the normal operation pressure for Hydraulic System?
    3 000 PSI ± 200
  12. Maximum brake temperature for takeoff (brake fans off)
    300 degrees Celsius
  13. The flight crew can disengage the automatic braking system by: (2 options)
    • ‐ Pressing the pushbutton of the armed mode, or
    • - Applying sufficient pressure to the brake pedals.
  14. The nosewheel steering angle is limited to:
    1. Using handwheels
    2. For towing and pushback
    • 1. 75 degrees
    • 2. 95 degrees
  15. APU starter. (Cycle pattern and time)
    After 3 starter motor duty cycles, wait 60 min before attempting 3 more cycles.
  16. Powerplant Oil
    1. Minimum oil quantity
    2. Min Oil temperature for takeoff
    • 1. 9.5 qt, plus 0.5 qt/hour needed for the trip.
    • 2. -10 degrees
  17. Powerplant Starter sequence
    • -4 consecutive cycles: Each lasts a maximum of 2 min
    • ‐ Pause between start attempts: 20 s‐ Cooling period, after 4 start attempts: 15 min
    • ‐ No running engagement of the starter: when N2 is above 20 %.
  18. Reverse Thrust limitations
    • -It is not permitted to select reverse thrust in flight
    • ‐ It is not permitted to back up the aircraft with reverse thrust
    • ‐ Maximum reverse should not be used below 70 kt. (Idle reverse is permitted down to aircraft stop).
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