Directional Names

  1. Superior
    Closer to the head of the body.
  2. Inferior
    Further away from the head of the body.
  3. Anterior (also known as Ventral)
    Towards the front of the body (Face side).
  4. Posterior (also known as Dorsal)
    Towards the back of the body (derriere).
  5. Medial
    Closer to the mid-line of the body (bellybutton).
  6. Lateral
    Further away from the mid-line of the body.
  7. Ipsilateral
    On the same side of the body.
  8. Contralateral
    On the opposite side of the body.
  9. Proximal
    Closer to the trunk (torso) of the body. Refers to the extremities.
  10. Distal
    Further away from the trunk of the body. Refers to the extremities.
  11. Superficial
    Closer to the surface of the body.
  12. Deep
    Farther away from the surface of the body.
  13. Cephalic
    Superial (older term).
  14. Caudal
    Inferior (older term).
  15. Sagittal
    Vertical plane that divides the body into a left/right side (doesn't mean sides are equal).
  16. Midsagittal
    Right down the middle - exactly.
  17. Parasagittal
    Unequal (division of) left and right sides.
  18. Frontal
    Vertical plane that divides anterior/posterior.
  19. Transverse
    Horizontal plane that divides superior/inferior.
  20. Oblique
    An angle plane - unspecific.
  21. Cranial Cavity
    Created by our skull bones; contains the brain.
  22. Vertebral Cavity
    Created by our spinal column; contains the spinal cord.
  23. Thoracic Cavity
    Created by rib cage and diaphragm; contains the lungs, heart, thymus, esophagus, and trachea.
  24. Abdominal Cavity
    Created by diaphragm (goes to approximately top of hip bones); contains kidneys, liver, gallbladder, large and small intestines.
  25. Pelvic Cavity
    General area- between hips; contains reproductive organs (ovaries, uterus, bladder).
  26. Mediastinum
    Central portion of the thoracic cavity; contains heart, thymus, esophagus, and trachea.
  27. Pleural
    Found on either side of the mediastinum; contain the lungs.
  28. Pericardial
    Subsection of the Mediastinum; contains only the heart.
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