Motivation of Liberal Reforms

  1. Intro - Historian Smith argues that
    largely due to the shocking results of Rowntree reports
  2. Intro - Attitudes to poverty.... (3 points)
    Changed considerably.

    Liberals understood poor could not deal with circumstances beyond their control.

    Thus, liberal reforms
  3. Party advantage - Historians believe...
    not passed due to genuine concern but political advantage
  4. Many working class men could vote from when...?

    Why is this important?

    Liberals need to attract these votes
  5. What was the significance of the Labour Party
    in 1906 the Labour party were competing for the same votes
  6. Liberals had been out of power since....


    desperate to be elected
  7. Concerns over poverty - investigations....
    ....revealed true levels of poverty
  8. Booth's investigation
    35% of London lived in extreme poverty
  9. Rowntree's inestigation
    30% of York lived in extreme poverty
  10. What was the significance of Booths and Rowntree's investigations?
    Proved poverty was a huge problem

    Govenment help needed
  11. Boer War was...?


    25% of volunteer recruits rejected - physically unfit
  12. Why were politicians concerned over national security?
    Worried if Britain could survive another war

    Protect her Empire
  13. National Security - Explain the Reports
    1904 Reports suggested Provision of School Meals and Medical Examinations

    First Reforms = Direct Influence
  14. National effiency Britain was... (2 points)
    no longer leading industrial power

    competing with Germany
  15. What seemed a direct influence that Liberals were motivated by National Efficiency?
    Liberals opened Labour Exchanges to minimise unemployment

    direct influence

    but small part of reforms
  16. New Liberalism - what did old liberalists argue?
    poverty was due to defects of character
  17. What was the New Liberalist approach?
    that poverty imposed restrictions on choices available
  18. Why is New Liberalism not an important motivatior? (2 marks)
    Many disagreements about the extent of reform

    New Liberal ideas not mentioned in campaigning or manifestio
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