Unit 4

  1. is a simple form of communication used between members of the sam orgin.
    simplified memorandum
  2. begins 2 in. from the top edge
  3. name(s) of all who will recieve the memo
  4. indentifies the topic of the memo
    subject line
  5. the message if the memo
  6. identifies who authored the memo
    name of writer
  7. lowercase intials of the person who keyed the memo
    reference initials
  8. in a memo what is should be the lenth of the header
  9. in a memo what should the lenth be the side margins
    1 1/4 in or 1.25
  10. in a memo what should be the lenth of the footer
  11. are printed on a company letterhead with special headings
    standard memorandums
  12. is paper with the following pre-printed  information at the top. (logo, adress, company...)
    formal memorandum
  13. what is another name that is used for standard memorandum
    formal memorandum
  14. first letter of important words capitalized
    initial caps
  15. whar can memorandums be put on?
    email, staionary, and normal paper
  16. a special feature will be keyed a DS below the reference intials on both memorandum styles
    enclosure or attachment notion
  17. the list of people who will receive the list is called
    distribution list
  18. when doing anocouncement what is it best to do
    center them
  19. is used by an individual (not a company) to carry out business matters
    personal business letters
  20. what are the margin for a personal business letter?
    • top 2 in.
    • side  1.25 in. or 1 1/4 in.
    • bottom 1 in.
  21. no punctuation marks placed after the salutation and complimentary close
    open pattern punctuation
  22. letter style in which the basic parts of a letter begin at thelest margin
    block style
  23. a double space below the writers name
    enclosure notation
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