Liberal Reforms

  1. Liberals won the election.....?
    Based on...?

    Old Liberalism - Laissez-Faire approach
  2. How did Winston Churchill and Lloyd George get appointed
    Campbell-Bannerman reassigned
  3. Winston Churchill and Lloyd George believed in
    New Liberalism
  4. Intro - historians argument?
    • Historian Cross argues that
    • it was a great time for social legistlation
    • and Liberals successful in creating Welfare State
  5. Provisions of School Meals Act passed in
  6. Why was the Provisions of School Meals Act unsuccessful
    • 30 years later, over half authorities not providing service
    • Liberals had acknowledged but not enforced a solution
  7. Medical Inspections compulsory in
  8. Medical Inspections unsuccessful as...
    No provision for treatment

    Did not help older kids or adults

    Cost rather than health prime concern
  9. Childrens Charter passed in
  10. Successes of Childrens Charter
    no children homeless

    banned kids under 16 smoking, drinking, begging
  11. Childrens Charter unsuccesful as
    difficult to enforce

    took time to put into place
  12. When was the Old Age Pensions Act passed
  13. Pensions were...? (three points)
    Those aged over 70

    1 - 5 shillings a week

    depending on income
  14. The 1908 Old Age Pensions Act helped...
    970,000 claimants by 1914
  15. Unsuccessful Old Age Pensions Act - 3 points
    benefits too low

    • Rowntree's study - need 7 shillings
    • Nowhere near meeting basic needs

    Few lived to 70th bday
  16. National Insurance Act passed in
  17. How did the National Insurance act help the sic k
    covered a health insurance scheme

    poor could not afford medical help
  18. sick - What was the sick pay benefit?
    Worker got 9p benefit from an outlay of 4p

    Applied to worker 16-60
  19. How long was the sickness benefit paid?
    10 shillings paid for 13 weeks

    reduced to 5 shillings for next 13 weeks

    • Benefit too short a time to support chronic illness
  20. Unsuccess of sick pay benefit?
    paid to only working member

    A proper policy to eliminate poverty should address the whole family
  21. National Insurance covered unemployed in some industries...


  22. How much were the unemployed paid in benefit?
    7 shillings for 15 weeks

    Size and scale to small to have effect
  23. New enviroment of labour exchanges made it possible to..
    find a job in 15 weeks

    Neverless, despire labour exhanges, work still hard to find
  24. Last disadvantage of National Insurance Act unemployed
    Contributions were keyed that the level on unemployment would not rise above 5%

    not the case after WW1
  25. Successes of the Employed
    1908 Miners Act - 8 hour working day

    1909 Trades Boards Acr - minimum wages in sweated trades
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