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  1. What did the Filipino people lose?
    Amor Propio
  2. Amor Propio
    (self esteem, sense of personal dignity)
  3. What was Rizal's message?
    Absence of a national consciousness/identity

    The current relationship between the Philippines and Spain must change.
  4. Constantino's Arguments
    • American sponsored hero
    • Rizal repudiated the Revolution
    • The relevance of Rizal today
  5. What did the Americans institutionalize?
    • Act#137: Province of Rizal
    • Act# 243:Rizal Monument in Luneta
    • Act#345: Rizal Day
  6. Who was sent to Dapitan?
    Pio Velenzuela
  7. What was Rizal president of?
    • President of the Spanish Filipino Association
    • President of the La Solidaridad
    • Founded the La Liga Filipina
  8. It is eminently proper that Rizal should be acknowledged as national hero of the Filipino people. The American administration has lent every assistance to this recognition, setting aside the anniversary of his death to be a day of observance, placing his picture on a postage stamp most commonly used in the islands, and on the currency…and throughout the islands public schools were to teach young Filipinos to revere his memory as the greatest of Filipino patriots.
    W. Cameroon Forbes
  9. Rizal was in fact a revolutionary because if one CAREFULLY READS his writings, it is evident that he believed in the inevitability of Philippine separation from Spain.The reason why nationalist historians are unable to see this is because of their “failure to distinguish between what Rizal (and other Filipinos who shared his ideas) were able to say PUBLICLY and what they felt PRIVATELY”.
    To gain independence
  11. the sword counts for little in the destinies of modern times. But it is true that we must win it by deserving it, exalting reason and the dignity of the individual, loving what is just and what is good, what is great even to the point of dying for it.

    God provides the weapon, and the idols fall, and the tyrants fall like a house of cards, and freedom shines in the first dawn.
    El Fili
  12. What is the use of independence if the slaves of today become the tyrants of tomorrow ?
  13. one does not serve the native country by staying out of her, but within her
  14. Many of our countrymen believe that we will be more useful abroad than in our country. When they can prove to me that a patient is cured quicker by having a physician and the medicine far from him, then I will believe them.
    JR to MHDP
  15. Eulogio Despujol
    rejected the idea of sending Filipinos to Boroneo

    gg who Pastells taked to
  16. British diplomat with 5000 acres of land

    the farmer tenants could live in the land for free
    Alexander Cook
  17. What was the La Liga Filipina for?
    "to promote educational, commercial and cultural advancements of Filipino"
  18. La Liga Filipina vs. Katipunan
    socio civic organization vs. militant organization
  19. Pablo Pastells SJ
    Jesuit professor who advised that Rizal be put into exile in Dapitan
  20. Who wanted to save Rizal when he arrived in Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte?
    Emilio Jacinto
  21. Issue in Cuba
    torpedoed ship of Americans done by Spain
  22. Whose sister confessed to Mariano Gil?
    Teodoro Patino
  23. Charges toward Rizal
    1.“... Having founded an illicit society (La Liga Filipina), had for its sole object to commit the crime of rebellion.”

    2.“...having promoted, inducing by his continuous works, the actual rebellion (referring to the Katipunan Uprising).
  24. “...Rizal could not have possibly been involved in the Katipunan.”
    Ramon Blanco
    gg of Philippines
  26. Spaniards believed that Rizal was part of the rebellion
  27. Where was Rizal shot?
  28. “This is another preoccupation of the Spaniards who, like any other nation, treat food to which they are not accustomed to or is unknown to them with disgust. The English for example, feels horror to see a Spaniard eating snails; to the Spaniard roast beef is repugnant and cannot understand how raw beef can be eaten; the Chinese who eat shark cannot stand Roquefort cheese. This fish which Morga mentions, that cannot be known to be good until it begins to rot is BAGOONG (salted and fermented fish paste used as a sauce in Philippine cuisine) and those who have eaten or tasted it know that it neither is nor should be rotten.”
  29. pot?
    where his message was hidden
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